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  • Re: And we wonder why color matching is so difficult....

    We had a "Sun Lamp" made by 3M. It was an expensive **badword** flashlight that simulated the sun for color matching, and a booth, where we could turn on 3 or 4 different types of light. Fluorescents are terrible to color match with, but perfect for finding defects (especially in clear), so do the color matching outside, and do the work under the T8's.
    Then you add to the mix metallics - some flop dark, and some flop light.
    And you would be surprised how much they can vary. Even depending on the painters technique. We could see the difference in color between painters when using the same pot of material!
  • Re: Fish eye when paint applied

    If you just do one pass, it may not be finished. He may have only shown one pass on the video for education sake, but you need to spray it with water at the end. If it sheets, it's good, if it beads, do it again.
  • Re: Under or Over Activation

    Finishing is a fickle mistress. It will turn on you for no reason even though you did EVERYTHING right. Long time guys would never say they master it, because even they get problems they can't explain.

    And sometimes doing everything wrong works too. I have heard way too many stories for it to be coincidence... "my very first dip looked great and I was hooked! Now I can't get anything to work.
  • Re: K2Forums.com Harley Parts Demonstration Part 1

    @roy try to get tired in with local dealerships, you can dip stock parts in patterns and display them there as ready to purchase. Leave your contact information and you would be surprised... But get ready for inner farings. People LOVE to get those modified... And they are a pain.
  • Re: K2Forums.com Harley Parts Demonstration Part 1

    Yep. But the fact that they are willing to dump money at a name will tell you something about them (other than they have less money to spend after market). Simply being "The Best" at what you do means something to them, and they will pay a premium for that prestige as well. You just have to be able to back that up...