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  • Re: Spectra Chrome pretty neat stuff

    You know @MidOhioHydrographics and @pahydrographics, the only thing worse than looking at you two in person, is you two in a convex mirror...
  • Re: Beginner: Tools and accessories. Q&a

    @K2Concepts @WileECoyote
    Yo, i xont disagree.
    Lets just be clear here... you are arguing the exact opposite point of the person who created this forum you are currently on, enjoying all the free information.

    You disagree with the #2 contributor on this site. Who runs his own shop, employing 5-6 individuals, putting out hundreds of products a week

    You also disagree with me, the #3 contributor on this site. Who was a Maintenance Mechanic/Process Specialist/Manufacturing Engineer for a custom paint shop for 20 years.

    Just making sure...

    Let me ask you one question. If you are going to disagree with all the advice given to you, why the **badword** are you on a forum asking for advice?

    I can be done here. I know when my effort is wasted. Good luck to you and your tent.
    Now we know who jim toasts to in every video
    Considering I have spent alot of time with Jim at each of the remotes he has put on, as a student and teacher, I doubt he would agree with you.
  • Re: hydrographic tank wiring help

    Let me assure you, that is going to take longer than a half an hour, and anyone who has the skills would be foolhardy to assume you will use all the correct techniques while wiring it. You are going to need an electrician ON SITE, to wire that panel, or to take it somewhere and have it done. If it was a purchased tank originally the manufacturer would be able to supply you with a schematic. But no offence, I wouldn't trust sticking my hands into it...
  • Re: Melting off plastic.

    The window applies to the type of paint you are using. If it is not specifically designed for this process, the window is around 8-12 hours.

    Honestly? that all looks underactivated
  • Re: Football Follies Week 10 2016