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  • Re: Kansas Remote?

    All comes down to how bad you need it. To advance my business, I would think you can find a weekend...
  • Re: airbrush & OHW paint & Liquid Print Activator

    ..Couldn't have made a finer statement. First forum I've been on that newbies get real advice from pros that want to see us succeed. The only bashing is truly worded jokes applied in the right context. I question the pros helping us newbies though. Why? This forum is ripe with pros that want to see newbies succeed. I don't really understand that. That's a bit unusual. Unlike many "simple but complicated "processes similar to these, the pros here freely give out tips ,tricks and help to what some would be their future competition. It is the fact that no matter how well the process works out that there remains a "black magic" difficulty in achieving consistent work that you really don't worry about giving out "the secrets" . Or did K2 brainwash us somehow on sign-up that we would all run this forum in the most helpful way or not play.

    I've got to be on 20-30 different forums. I wish they could all model after this!
    Pleasure to be here,
    Mike. NightinGale Design.
    Its a little of all of that actually. I can speak for myself and possibly a few others as an example. First of @MidOhioHydrographics has a unique situation, he has a client that will exclusively work with him and his company, so NO ONE is competition for him. I was trained by Jim at the request of my last job (a large custom paint facility, where I did engineering) I lost that job, but not the tons of information I had from all the processes I worked on. If I don't give the info away... it just goes to waste. @NotSoFast has been trained, but his shops main focus is in another area. @onehitwonder and @studebaker are suppliers, but due to Jim's vetting process, they are here BECAUSE they are the exception to the rule. And the point about Jim brainwashing us?... a little bit... He leads by example, would give you the shirt off his back. Right there are some of the biggest contributors to this forum. And I am constantly amazed by the number of you that follow with that example. It really makes you smile when you see guys with less than 1000 posts helping someone out. Trust me, it doesn't go unnoticed.
  • Re: Over activation spots?

    Yep, those look like droplets of activator. Possibly your air pressure is too low, or you have something wrong/clogging your tip as well.
  • Re: This guns is good for activator?

    The point about matching factory peel is a valid one, but also illustrates a problem we all have. When was the last time you heard someone complain about the texture in the clear of their vehicle? Jeep has one of the lowest standards in the industry, and they still sell. Understand that a perfect paint job is only going to be necessary to 10% of your customers. Instead of trying to act like it doesn't exist (and everything you do is perfect), ask them what they are WILLING TO PAY FOR. ANYONE would ask for perfection is the cost difference is negligible. but if you look at the hood of the car they are bringing in and tell them you can match the parts under the hood to that (and not have to buff at all) you save yourself an hour of time... and you can knock off $30 form the cost (net gain of at least $30 if you are charging $60/hour of your time). As many times as I have had guys try to haggle over a $5 savings... this usually shuts them up for a while.
  • Re: Sanding ABS plastic before hydro dipping?

    Nope, masking tape is cheap and effective. Foam leaves the opportunity for air to get under the film, dirt to drop on to the film, doesn't allow you to slice the corners, and will constantly be in your way while you are dipping. The first time you bump that frame covered in fresh activator and it leaves a smudge on your perfectly dipped part... you are gonna toss that in the garbage. Not getting water on the film comes down to technique and skill set... that is what practice is for.