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  • Re: Hi, Need Big Help....

    If your lunch is protein shakes then you may need both
  • Re: New to Hydrographics

    Step 3 repair wall that you threw things threw do to bad dips 

    Step 4 Success!!!!
  • Just a funny story

    Had a customer a couple days ago that had me thinking I was losing my mind. Pretty funny story and I just had to share it.
     Customer contacts me to dip something so I give him the 150 price for what I was dipping and whoa that was way to high so I say ok thats the beat I can do better luck somewhere else. 
     Very next day he contacts me again and says Hey have you ever seen the DIY Kits for dipping. I say of coarse and lead him in a direction to get one. He thanks me and an hour later contacts me again Hey if i buy this DIY kit will you come over and use it and dip my part for free. At this point I think it's a joke but nope dead serious. So I say if i trusted the DIY kits I would not have the money wrapped up that I do in my set up. Then he says he will do it , I say ok make sure you prep your part right I would sand blast. So he asks what I will charge him to sand blast it and I say 30 bucks and he is fine with this and I'm thinking with me sand blasting and him buying the kit he is at 130 bucks but at 150 I was way to high. 
     Anyways this went on for 2 days before I finally just said best luck to ya buddy I'm out. 
     Sorry if this was long just an example of what we deal with. 
  • Re: This is harder than I thought.

    Guilty as charged...
    You should've seen what we learned in class today. Different techniques and have a strong finish 
  • Re: Documenting the build of my garage/shop

    Nice blaster