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  • Babar
    Hy Jim!
    What is your opinion for www.dipape.com?
    Sorry for bad english.. Im from Hungary. Europe
    September 26
  • NickelCityHydro
    Hey Jim, Mike here from Nickel City Hydro, I won the film from the last draw that you had but didn't receive the film yet. Don't know if you mailed it out yet or had difficulties doing so, no worries just wanted to know what happened. Maybe held up at the border and have to pay a tariff on it lol.
    July 20
    • K2Concepts
      Mike, yea sorry I have been swamped lately...seems like I am working more now that we are slow...anyways I have the film boxed up and ready to go...send me your address and I will get a shipping cost...
    • NickelCityHydro
      Hi Jim, my address is; Mike Barrette, 184 Simon Lake Drive, P.O.Box 291, Naughton Ontario, Canada P0M 2M0. Can you have it shipped via USPS, seems to be fewer problems crossing the border that way. If the shipping is to much maybe we can put it in for another draw, or a bonus for your next draw.
    • K2Concepts
      OK $40...fair...
    • NickelCityHydro
      Hey Jim, $40.00 is fair but it's like $800.00 Canadian lol, If it was something I really needed I'd say go for it but since I never really had a request for this pattern to be used I would rather have it given away as a bonus draw for your next give-away. This way it will save you the trouble of sending to Canada Eh! Have a good one Jim and keep up the good work !!!
  • Tbird
    Hi Jim. I have found a problem recently and it happened again last night. I prepped my Hammer handles as normal. scuffed it well and applied my Primer after checking the surface tension. Once the primer were dry I applied a 2K Yellow as my base coat. I left this for almost 24 hours prior before prepping for Hydrodipping. As I dipped the handle and left it for at least a minute under water and pulled it out, I noticed the Yellow Base colour was flaking or lifting from the surface..? I don't know why this is happening, but I cannot afford to mess this up as this is officially my first big order. Doe sthis mean that the Yellow paint is still semi wet although it feels dry on the surface? Thank you in advance.
    August 28
    • K2Concepts
      Tough to say...I have no idea what kind of paint you are using...just because it's 2K does not mean it is compatible with our process...also what primer? What film? What activator?...lots of variables...do you have any pictures?...