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  • What?? What are those? Can we see one out of the package?
  • I was talking about “YOUR” tool...ya big dummy.. When i go back and reread your post.. with a dirty mind.. yea.. ok.. got me... made me laugh.
  • Honestly? I can't compare them cause I've never used the 3M one. Now, keep in mine, I don't do this full time..and I don't have to denib/polish every thing. Sometimes I use it 3 or 4 times a week.. sometimes that polisher may sit in the box for a…
  • don't touch the dipped part until all the PVA is rinsed off.
  • @K2Concepts , but your mom likes my tool.
  • it's not the temp, or the hydrate time... the more ink on a film, the more juice it needs.
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  • That's actually really nice (the kansas city film). I like that.
    in Pine Wood Comment by smedlin February 18
  • @WileECoyote , that makes sense.
  • $35, and you can use the %20 coupon with it. I've used it for 2+ years now. I don't use HB pads though. I use actual 3M ones. Works like a charm.
  • I wouldn't blast a rim. Lots of liability with that. If you want to scuff and sand though, that is alot safer... But not touching them at all is even better Why would blasting them be a liability? I've never done rims.. not sure i want to do rim…
  • Looks pretty good!
  • @MidOhioHydrographics , very valid point..
  • i don't think PH has anything to do with the process. The UV lights won't really work for this process. I looked into them a few years ago for my salt water tank. The water has to be constantly flowing across the light. So unless your tank is al…
  • I've got a 150g salt water aquarium. A lot of people use the UV sterilizer lights..A lot of people say they are worthless. Regardless, yea.. you have to circulate the water across the light for it to work.. that's something that is easy to do in…
  • Dip your finger into a corner of the will be able to tell if it is liquid or not... Randi was trying to dip some wood (film) the other day and having trouble.. it freaked her out when I did just THAT.. stuck my finger in the edge t…
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  • yea, Randi and i was watching while drinking some margaritas at a local bar last night.. wasn't bad.
  • how should k2 be sprayed  When it REALLY comes down to it.. K2 is just like any other activator. Every activator works a bit different..and yet.. every activator works exactly the same. (man, that sounded profound. That's margarita speech!) …
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  • You can get away with doing something like a tumbler by hand (scuffing). But I'll tell you, the FIRST time you have to sand down that cup because you messed up..yea.. you want a blaster. or, if you do something with lot's of edges.. like a hard …
  • Some of that is under-activation. Some of that is trapped air.
  • Meh.. i don't see it lasting.
  • O... i see i had to go look. Mine came with that. Being the first blast cabinet I've never owned..thought they all had that. I will say.. i didn't know what it really did though. so, I can control the flow of media by closing/opening the "meter…
  • What's a siphon feed..and what's it purpose?
  • Howdy and welcome! (also from Texas)
  • Roanoke hey? Your right next to my family's cemetery (Medlin Cemetery).
  • @2legiit , different guns for different things. Because of the way the GPI atomizes, it's one of the best activator guns there is ( @K2Concepts could say more about that one) but for painting, there are better. I use an Iwata LPH400-LV for pa…
  • howdy! I'm down here just south of Houston. There are several members here that are 'between' us. some advice? BB is just a hop and jump away from ya (3 hours).. go check out some training from them. Worth it.
  • @2legiit , you looking for a good activator gun? Devilbiss GPI. I don't paint with it though, just activation.
  • I am estimating from what I have read a large learning curve and plenty of mistakes/ redos. If you go to a quality training class, it will actually save you money...vs trying to figure it out on your own.
  • I thought the same thing.. 100m? Wow.
  • I started with a 1.4 tip and went to a 1.8. It really lays down a lot of juice. As pointed out.. it's really hard to say "this many passes.." We don't all use the same gun to activate. Different people use different guns..and even those that ha…