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  • I was gonna let @NotSoFast get away with it... but since @K2Concepts has finally dragged himself out of the gutter and decided to join us. That's Riebe that drinks "The Beast", I stick with the hard stuff. I can't stand the taste of beer, so whiskey…
  • Man @smedlin We had this at Ohio during training... I thought we did a demo on this at the time too. Usually @MidOhioHydrographics lets us recoat their booth for them at that time. http://k2forums.com/discussion/3027/prime-coatings-white-spray-boot…
  • We use booth coating from Prime Coatings. Its bright white, looks great, seals small holes, keeps dust down, and is pealable when you built up too many layers (you can recoat right over dirt till it just gets too thick)
  • Welcome
  • I am a delicate flower. a 6'4" 250 pound delicate flower...
  • That depends on the customers you are going after. A guy who wants his show bike dipped that he never drives and trailers to shows wants perfect. The guy who wants his gun dipped in camo probably would be happy with a defect that can't be seen at ar…
  • Pictures really help sell it. And make sure to update us when it sells so we can close out this thread.
  • @K2Concepts You are absolutely right, But if people looked at the TDS then we wouldn't have NEARLY as many questions as we do... And what would we do with all our free time?
  • @K2Concepts Just trying to illustrate the purpose. All the car painters I know use a 1.5.
  • If you are looking for high quality product without defects, you are headed for a VERY expensive endeavor, and are going to be VERY frustrated doing rework. Not trying to kill your dream, but being realistic about where you are, and where you say …
  • Good equipment is necessary for average results. Good techniques and experience is necessary for great results. That's why we say this isn't a cheap hobby.
  • Yep, you are still going to need more activator. When you get that new gun, go through the setup video again.
  • Laying down good clear has to do with fine atomization (more expensive guns atomize better) and how thick you can spray the clear without running. Basically that is it. There are about 20 factors that effect those things, but it all comes down to th…
  • @asdasdasd If the window on the paint is closed up, yes... it would be a problem. Not knowing what paint you used, I have no idea. Check your TDS on the paint and you should be able to find the information.
  • Tip size should be in relation to the parts that you are doing. You would use a 1.7 to paint a car. 1.5 for a motorcycle. 1-1.3 for yeti cups or things like that.
  • Ok, that information helps. But I still say you are underactivated. The activator should be clearly visible while its being laid down. When holding the gun farther away to compensate for the higher pressure you need to need to run at, you are evap…
  • I have no idea what that is... You can find me right here. Most weekdays I check in once or twice a day, you just got lucky this weekend. You have a great group of guys here that have a lot of the answers that you need, you just have to be a little …
  • It sounds like you are doing something simple wrong and we are being lead down the wrong path looking at the activator. Take a step back and stat watching @K2Concepts videos and see if you can figure out what you might be doing wrong Again... you …
  • Pearl doesn't alter the makeup of the paint in any way. If the base material is strong enough to hold the print, then the pearl won't be an issue. @studebaker is correct though, if you print over the pearl, you are going to cover a good portion of t…
  • Scuffing it does nothing to open the window again. If you scuff it, you allow a mechanical bond to form with another layer of paint (gloss or matte doesn't matter) but then you will have to apply the dip AND the clear that you are going to use over …
  • I would check if there are any regulations you need to follow. There are rules as to what we can use in airplanes over here.
  • That is basically the same thing. Rustoleum or Krylon are brand names for 1k or a typical rattle can spray paint. That paint will not work. You may get a print to stick, but the activator is liquifing the paint again, which is causing it to slide ar…
  • What kind of paint did you use? matte and gloss don't have anything to do with it. If the window closed up on it, or it was bad paint it would do that.
  • It sounds like you are doing something simple wrong and we are being lead down the wrong path looking at the activator. Take a step back and stat watching @K2Concepts videos and see if you can figure out what you might be doing wrong
  • What are you using for base coat? Rustoleum and Krylon don't work
  • One off jobs for guys off the street is slow death for dippers. If that is what you plan on doing, just save the time and money and do something more fun. If you can land high end custom jobs ($500 minimum per project) you can make it work, or produ…
  • Look at the Mini guns. @K2Concepts has them on his site
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  • Hydrosolutions and Aqualac are waterbased paints. You may need to use an adhesion promoter for some plastics, but they are fantastic paints, and can ship anywhere in the world.
  • I have the stickers made for me. I work on my process that I am paid to do, not trying to do everything myself. And when stickers don't work, I have someone to complain too, not giving up my time to try to fix that too. Not trying to be sarcastic, …