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  • That thing would be ideal for me, count me in please Jim!
  • My comment wasn't meant to rub @MidOhioHydrographics and you certainly didn't offend. I was in the same situation. With the pressure of a business loan to repay, I ended up taking part time work to subsidize the dipping. If only I could go back an…
  • I think you misunderstand me @MidOhioHydrographics . I never went into it to 'run thousands of parts a week' That's not what its about for me. Here in the UK, it's still fairly new and people are wary. Mainly down to the cost. So trying to make it c…
  • Well @DeviousDips, A mix up with my order meant I got K2 Brew not the super kind. @AquaGraphix was kind enough to send me out some Superbrew to rectify the mix up (thanks again @Eve_Aquagraphix )so I think my next session will be with that, although…
  • Easy to say @MidOhioHydrographics. I'm sure you started the same place as everyone else, with a plastic tub in your garage. Shipping costs here in the UK have, until recently, put K2 activator totally out of my reach. Also, the price tag on a decent…
  • Wouldn't be so bad @WileECoyote but I have been struggling with activator for three years! At least now I can crack on and actually advertise for work. Be nice to earn a bit of money back, god knows I have put enough into it already!
  • Well, what can I say. Ordered from Aquagraphics (thankyou Eve) First class service from them. Why oh why haven't I used this stuff before now?? Couple of pictures of last nights shenanigans... Didn't do anything different, just used the K2 Brew.…
  • Tidy. I'll order some in the morning
  • Works out £10 more than your 'average' activator per litre in the UK, someone please tell me it really is worth it so I can justify buying some!
  • Nice to see another brit join up Welcome along!
  • They all look great tho the 2nd one up from the bottom is my favorite. Just wish we could get that pattern over here :(
  • I use pond filter sponge. you can buy a bag with 3 different grades in, I use the finest ones in mine but I don't suppose it matters so long as it catches the bits
  • 2K rattlecans but you really need to have a few items ready to shoot as it only has around a 4 hour window and is quite expensive (in the uk) Hope this helps, Rob.
  • Thanks guys. I was hoping not to redo it, prep was a **badword** :( Oh well, back to square one I guess...
  • I got guns to go to the else do ya need?... Wanted a tee but I just spent up on film :( Have to check in with you next month, see if your sending anything over here then...
  • No UK shipping? Boo!
  • Old ones are the best ones hey efxcustomcoatings?? Lol!
  • Yep, always something...
  • That's my next move I think, get the tank in my shed alongside my booth. If only the tank would go through the door :( Now, where did I put that sledge hammer... Joking aside, All your help is very much appreciated. Many thanks, Rob.
  • Ok, so I have this gun with a .8 tip. I was thinking I could use this one with my small compressor as it only draws 3 cfm. Even with the bigger 1.0 tip it's still not gonna work, right? Thanks, Rob.
  • The crappy compressor I have is a Clarke Airmaster Tiger Turbo 5/12 and having just spent the last half hour trying to find the specs I'm still no wiser :( I have a bigger unit in my shed but that's kinda 'plumbed in' for my spray booth. Thanks, …
  • Hang on, so if I use a smaller tip with my crappy hobby compressor I could still use air feed but just compensate with slower passes? Thanks, Rob.
  • A few months but still struggling to be honest. Bought myself a good sized tank but it seems the bigger parts I try to dip, the more problems I have. Very annoying as you probably know :(
  • Thanks K2. I'm using activator in rattlecans at the moment as the gun I bought has a 1.7 tip. I have since seen your video on setting up activator guns and decided to bin it and get one with a 1.9 instead (when the wife says I can) Thanks, Rob.
  • Hi Showtime. I'm not too far away from Leeds, you?