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  • @studebaker we covered them but didnt practice with any. 
  • Well I am one step closer to getting this off the ground. Last week I completed the 3 day training course ar Big Brain. Well worth the money spent. I still need some practice but I deffinitely feel a lot better after training. Here are some of the i…
  • @DeviousDips @norcalfrank Thanks guys, I will be going this route as well.
  • @NWH Right but they make other models that go to 1500w I was thinking of the concept of it. As far as simplicity goes you cant get much more simple than plugging something in and setting a temp. It would be the same concept as plugging into a timer …
  • Put on a timer so it shuts on and off to maintain temp. You will have to play with the amo…
  • @DeviousDips I was thinking with that it might be more cost efficient to just get it to the desired temp once and use the aquarium heater to hold the temp when the tank isnt being used so I eliminate the 4-5 hour warming window. I would imagine the …
  • @NotSoFast I'm coming from Ohio so the whole state is down that way for me hahahaha
  • @smedlin If I could I would brother, I would be in Arizona right now if it was possible for my family. @K2Concepts Yeah I get that, It wasn't the route I really wanted to go anyways. I think if I get the garage heating going then up the insulation o…
  • Welcome, I'll be heading your way in the near future to train with the crew at Big Brain.
  • @DeviousDips Yeah I have spoke with Joe. He is my go to since he is somewhat close and has the same tank lol.. He made some upgrades to his tank and being a production shop leaves his on 24/7 to keep it at operating temp. I wouldn't mind upgrading…
  • @PagesHydroDipping That i'm not sure, I would assume since at the moment it is uninsulated and not heated pretty close to the outside temp. We will be insulating and putting heaters in soon to try to keep the shop to a constant 60 degrees.
  • @LICC great work
  • @LICC That is sick.. is the skull painted on?
  • @NotSoFast I'm leaning towards the Big Brain Platinum seems to be the closest to me of the best classes that I have seen recommended on here.
  • I can now officially say ive dipped my first part. Deffinitely not great by any stretch of the imagination. Now it is time to get some formal training. Playing around with the processes is fun, but like many have said not easy. I will continue to pl…
  • Yeah, I have the legs on this one adjusted the best I could get it, but a couple of the legs dont screw in as fars as the others for some reason so im sure I can fix it with a shim. I have some small scrap metal plates that should work.
  • Getting closer, got the tank filled and warming up. I will hopefully be doing my first dip ever tomorrow. I did find that I need to shim one corner of the tank due to the garage floor being off slightly. 
  • big money in one of those
  • @DeviousDips no he had mentioned he had a local company do the logo work on them it was not vinyl. Pretty sure he said it was uv. 
  • DeviousDips said: I honestly don't even think the diamond plate is dipped. It's possible but I would bet the whole cup is done with sublimation. I'm not sure if you can do the uv printing or sublimation over hydrographics. Thats a good question…
  • They are advertising these cups as being hydrodipped. I could see the diamondplate pattern being dipped, but the skull looked like it was done by something like a uv printer or sublimation like you mentioned. So maybe using a combination of techniqu…
  • No longer available can an admin close it out please.
  • Like Smedlin said thanks for the video Jim, as someone just starting out this is good info.
  • Congrats man, I'm assuming these are those panels you were showing me when I was up visiting the shop?
  • Sorry. I didn't even see it there in the shadow. Honestly, that is the worst kind of light to have in a booth. It puts a pinpoint on your part and that is no good for looking at defects. You need bands of light that only come from florescent. Whi…
  • Very interested. Available? Would ship to Florida. When I was trying to work with Steve on this he was willing to ship. However the crating factor was the hangup. The cost to have a company crate it and ship it was very expensive. Made it too exp…
  • @WileECoyote you can see one of the fixtures in the above pic. They are a globe style light with the screw in bulbs rather than the panel style.
  • @MidOhioHydrographics somethings im trying to do to code just to do it out of a safety principle..but in reality there is nothing to spec about my home setup and would never be able to get it to "inspection level operation" Eventually I will be able…
  • @MidOhioHydrographics @WileECoyote Is there any certain switch or control box that I should need? It came with an old Allen Bradley switch box for the exhaust fan and a standard residential light switch for the lighting.
  • @WileECoyote Thank you sir, that is what I had thought.