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Hi Guys, I was wondering how you go about dipping items that will be exposed to heat, such as a BBQ lid and other outer parts of a BBQ? Any advice would be great thanks.


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  • @WileECoyote not to gain anything just curiosity. I don’t place film in my tank until I’m ready to dip but curiosity got the better of me so I wanted to see how a film holds up.
    in Soak times Comment by Shannon January 14
  • @K2Concepts yep I have brought a lot of stuff from the US over the years and especially when I was in the military and never really had a problem with shipping cost before. When I got the original quote for the 1 film I questioned the shipping cost …
  • I might throw some off cut film in tonight to see how it is in the morning 
    in Soak times Comment by Shannon January 14
  • Yeah I was thinking it would effect the ink after a long period of time, was wondering if it had actually been tested my multiple sources 
    in Soak times Comment by Shannon January 14
  • @DeviousDips thanks mate, that’s what I’m finding here is that most films only need about 30 seconds due to how hot it is here. As you said though I have found some that do require longer though. While I was doing my homework before I started dippin…
    in Soak times Comment by Shannon January 14
  • Looks nice mate 
  • I got some multicam, the price of the film wasn’t a problem. Shipping it to Australia cost me US$272 for shipping to Australia hurt though
  • I live in the tropics of Australia in North Queensland, the other day it was in the mid 40’s degrees Celsius. I had the great idea of turning my tank into an ice bath to try a slow the soak time to at least 45 seconds
  • @LICC looks awesome I was just talking to a mate about doing this to his bonnet scoop. He wasn’t that keen but now I have a photo to show what I was trying to explain 
  • @onehitwonder thanks I will try that out too
  • @midnight_dipper and @NotSoFast thanks for your suggestions. I might be to close as I do place my dams tight and tape two sides. I’ll make sure I hold the gun further from the film next time, was finding it very frustrating as it wasn’t happening to…
  • Looks good, what type of crab are they?
  • @Smitty thanks mate, be interesting to know. At the beginning of last year when I was initially try to start up I contacted a few businesses here about training and a little help in setting up. As I said the one particular business in Brisbane which…
  • @WileECoyote once I used the bonding agent and got the film to actually stick I did finish with a clear coat @Spinner it does look good the natural colour with a transparent film, even more unique and allows to see natural markings on the shells too…
  • @Smitty you mean trying to pass other people’s work off as his own? I know of 1 business in Brisbane is in hot water for using someone else business name to trade under and other dodgey activity like that.  As I have only just started up myself tha…
  • That is interesting, here in Australia it is still a relatively new concept compared to the US. 
  • @LICC they look awesome, did you use standard paint and clear coat?
  • @Spinner nice I pretty much did the same except no paint. Mate wanted to keep the red she’ll look under the carbon fibre. That’s why we ended up using a clear adhesive spray.
  • @spinner did you have any trouble with the film sticking? Took me a couple of goes and had to some adhesive spray in the end.
  • I did these two mud crab carcasses for a friend, he mounted them on floats and gave them as a birthday present to a mad fisherman who already had everything. Everything except dipped crab shells.
  • @looch thanks mate, I thought so just wanted to confirm 
  • Not sure if it is still the case but I did see that they were selling the business recently. Still not an excuse and I certainly wouldn't be keen on buying a business with the reputation they have.
  • @MidOhioHydrographics you nailed one thing mate, when I first went to the local paint store to talk to them about what I'm doing the response I got was exactly what you said.
  • @WileECoyote thanks for the advice. I'm in Australia and currently in the process of setting up a business so a mate just wanted to try something as a side test. I'll be heading into my local paint shop tomorrow and will have a chat with them. @Mid…
  • @WileECoyote thanks mate, yes Aerosol can. A mate of mine painted it with high temp paint and brought it to me to try as a test piece.
  • Thank so WileECoyote, I tried a test piece on a WebberQ and once we turned it on and I started to heat everything just softened and could be scrapped off. We had heat resistant paint on it too which came off as well.