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  • I don’t know how to link it but Jim @K2Concepts has done a video on dipping a bike frame and other parts too. If you go to the video section you’ll be able to find them.
  • @WileECoyote against thanks for letting us tap into your knowledge mate, really appreciate it. 
  • ShafeLife said: Two separately nice patterns which marry up to make a hideous result. However, what a fantastic job you've done, and to me, there's something great about an "ugly" standout rifle! It will always be noticed and remembere…
  • @TrayersSlayers thanks for the info, yeah I wouldn’t even want to gues how old it is. On a positive note I’m guessing I won’t have to worry about oils coming out of the bone hahaha
  • Looks awesome
  • @PagesHydroDipping it took me a bit to get the technique down to stop the brush marks. I only use urethane paints and it was well thinned out. They way I do it is a little time consuming but it’s giving me the best results for the moment so I’ll con…
  • shadow said: Looks nice! How did you paint them? I did the blue and black with an airbrush then went over the letters in the orange and silver with a brush using urethane paint I thinned out a bit. I brushed in on just thick enough so …
  • I did just the surface on this one
  • Is this the stuff your talking about? I use it a fair bit, there is a procedure to it but once you get that sorted out it’s pretty easy to use.
  • I was in the military for almost 15 years. Spent a few years working around the place in the different mining industries (gas, open pit and underground). Now I’m on a military pension and dipping and painting as much as my body will let me.
  • That’s nice 
  • I live in the tropics so I have to tape. You will probably find those lines are there before you activate. Only tape 2 sides of the film and while it’s hydrating make sure there are no creases in the film. If you seen them smooth them out and once y…
  • Well said
  • Are you straining the clear after mixing? my bad I just realised that photo is the clear in the strainer, not enough coffee this morning when I first commented sorry.
  • I just used my new GPi for the first time today and love it.
  • I had that, using bore(ground) water in my tank. Emptied it out and cleans my tank with bleach and not a problem since.
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  • Fejery4491 said: Bahahaha. In regards to the first clip, I've always gotta plow a few 4s to appreciate an 8! Yes, sometimes you have to slay a few dragons to get to the princess 
  • Hi Jim, can us outsiders(non US) enter? If so please throw my name down.
  • Through my previous research the main thing I found out was if you use UV lights, you must use them through all stages. If you only use them on the clear it can cause trouble with base coat not being dry underneath...I hope that makes sense. I was …
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  • @WileECoyote @MidOhioHydrographics thanks guys, that is great feedback and really appreciated. I had assumed it would have been ok to use the lights on any paint, so this has given me something to think about. Looks like I’ll be calling my supplier …
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  • Thanks for the great responses guys, most of the plastics I’ve dipped have either been new or not needed flame treatment so it hasn’t been an issue as yet.  @MidOhioHydrographics thanks for that link @NotSoFast that’s interesting, I wouldn’t have ex…
  • @K2Concepts technically if he was buffing with 600grit it would fix it😂
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  • Just thought I’d give an update on the Weber bbq kid I dipped for my friend. Well after the ballb*g tried to get the thing red hot which obviously caused the clear coat to bubble a little.  A day day or so later I tried baking it at a lower temp fo…
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  • I’m thinking someone else has done this job and the customer is asking @arm1992 to fix it? If this is the case I hope the customer never paid for it and if it was me, I’d be asking for some form of compensation for such a sh**ty job that now I’d hav…
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  • Ive had similar issues in the past using 1k paints, some batches just seemed like they would ‘melt’ once in contact with activator. Since I’ve swapped over to 2k I haven’t had the same problem again.
  • That looks awesome mate, wish we hadn’t the freedom to buy the weapons we wanted here in Australia like you guys do
  • WOW that’s awesome mate
  • You need to clear within the window of the paint your using, check the can or TDS and it should tell you. With the paints I’m using I base coat, dip as soon as dry and leave between 12 to 18 hours to gas off then clear.