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  • hrmmm some sort of vat looks to be the go
  • ok so i spoke to a hydrographic guy near me, he went through the whole buying a tank from china thing,,,nothing but negatives he said advised me to build a tank
  • what an awesome thread well done man
  • lol some threads have to be revived this kiwi guy was one of the first videos i watched on the subject of dipping
  • good comments people i appreciate it, i have been looking at other businesses to start up and i keep coming back to this, i don't think other businesses will give me the satisfaction and feeling that this will, my missus said you have to spend money…
  • maybe i just bite the bullet and buy one of the aussie vendors tanks ?? any info on them anyone?
  • lol I'm starting to get the feeling people who do hydrographics don't want other people to do hydrographics lol
  • If this is a prime market for hydrographics, then why is this an issue? If no one is doing this in your area, and there is so much potential, then you will make whatever money you spend back in no time. So what SHOULD you do? Get an unbiased look …
  • ok I'm hearing a lot of comments on what not to do, can we get some comments on what i should do
  • sounds like a nightmare lol
  • i don't know i assume the point is in melbourne I'm an hour from adelaide south australia
  • this is hard people,,delivery for the chinese tanks from the port to my house will be astronomical, the chemical tank is a worry on a few points.,ok I'm thinking 6ft long would be ideal which is 181 cm width wise 90cm,,depth no idea haven't figured …
  • @phantom3 better read those labels that are stuck on the outside of those tanks!!!! some of them have held some pretty deadly crap that you do NOT want to be playing around with. I live and work near farmers and ranchers that will give me all of tho…
  • 1) that link said they did not ship to the United States. 2) Down the page some, it says "Only Transport to your country port , do not bear the cost of transport to the house".. Yeah im in australia and i read that,,so transport from the count…
  • just seen these for sale in my area
  • @phantom3 that will be a very heavy extension cord. You're going to want a large permanent run to your workshop. If you're doing the whole Process in there (painting, dipping, etc) I would just have someone put in a 100A service breaker box and run …
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  • It says free shipping i don't know how they manage that?
  • @phantom3 you are going to need an electrician to look at your situation. I wouldn't be brave enough to guess what the power situation is in someone's garage halfway around the world. Typically we run 4500 w heaters in our tanks because this is comm…
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  • also i live in australia, in my shed is where i want to do this, you guys might call it a workshop? but it doesn't get that cold i think ill have more trouble keeping the water under 30 celsius in summer never mind heating it, so I'm not sure ill ne…
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  • i was going to buy one of those chinese tanks now i don't know what to think lol
  • my house is very close to my shed also running an extension chord for something would be an option
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  • ok the fuse to the garage is 16A where do i stand?
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  • so i have heard people talking about different phase power, how can i tell what phase power i have in my shed?
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  • Welcome to the forum! Might want to look for used equipment, try the for sale section. Yeah i see most of you guys are yanks though, i live in australia, I'm very keen though some of the work i have seen on these forums and youtube is sensational
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  • Welcome! Some guys have built very nice tanks. Check out the DIY section. Remember your electrical skills need to be very sound and very safe. You're hooking 20-40 amps (or more) of power to a tank of water where you'll be placing your hands. Be saf…
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