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  • Put a pearl coat over the paint before you clear it.
  • Yes, on your flow direction. Yes on the filtration. Door located between work and exhaust rather than behind it.
  • So you only push air in and don't use the fan to pull any out? No, more expensive booths do both. Ours pulled (exhaust only). I recommend you exhaust only How do you filter your air coming in? You filter with filters... I am not sure there is m…
  • @smedlin I had to look back to be sure. We used a squirrel cage style fan from a furnace to move air in our booth. The emphasis is IN our booth, its just sort of slang that we used in that job. I would never choose to push air into the booth, you…
  • In an industrial application they require 110 CFM of airflow if you are using a half-mask respirator, 60 CFm for supplied air. I have found that most of the time 60 CFM is just fine, as long as the flow is constant. You can use whatever fan you are …
  • Welcome. A bit of advice. If you are just looking to play around, you are welcome to ask questions. If you are expecting high quality results for a "show car", it is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper to hire someone to do the parts for you.
    in Hello all Comment by WileECoyote July 16
  • You can do whatever you want, as long as your process works with it. If you start doing production, I suspect that would take too much of your tank time.
  • Keep in mind there are THOUSANDS of prints, and most of us have only memorized the base color combinations for 6 or 7 hundred of them. Any more than that, and you start forgetting how to feed yourself, or your children's names.
  • As far as I know there is a certain addetive in the paint and clear is especially difficult because the additive has a tint to it.
    in UV Lights Comment by WileECoyote July 14
  • Flex additive in most body shops applications is designed to last for a few days to get the bumper back on the car. Once it sits in the sun a few days... that is all gone. Most clears that I have used will handle the amount of flex you have there. B…
  • @SkinEDippin because this has been an issue with others, it was meant as more of a general statement. But yes, reds seem to have a real problem in the sun, especially in certain types of film.
  • I have used UV cure spot primer and clear. Even made a booth for it. Cool to the touch and cures in 3 minutes. You need special paints for it to cure, and I am guessing those paints are not designed for Hydrographics. They cure up hard, doubt much w…
    in UV Lights Comment by WileECoyote July 13
  • And UV protection ALSO comes from the clear you spray. The cheapest clear you can find in a 5 gallon bucket is cheap for a reason...
  • Remember your business' reputation is on the line. You had a part that peeled like a banana, and EVERYONE saw it... because you wanted to save 15 minutes on a job that took 3 hours...
  • Welcome
  • Get alot of 1 film and practice with that.
  • @MidOhioHydrographics "short staffed"? I haven't heard that at all this year... Our unemployment rate is so low, that you actually can't buy a house around here. Houses sell with being on the market for a day or two. Buyers are paying $20,000 to $…
  • It obviously depends on the part and the paint below it, but typically it just melts the base. For 95% of the people that see overactivation (which is the problem only about 5% of the time) it is gonna just slide off. At early training classes, we…
  • Aerosol is inconsistent. Use it at your own risk. We can't help you if you do.
  • @para45acp I think those are to lift furniture while your floor dries?
  • So to save 1 hour of work, you accepted his crap primer that he sprayed on and you had no idea what it was, and a prep job that could have been absolutely nothing. You ended up blasting it down and starting over anyway, so you probably didn't make a…
    in Cracking Comment by WileECoyote July 9
  • For a professional set up (able to consistently turn out quality parts) figure $30,000. If you assume you are going to make it on 1 off custom work, you will not generate enough interest in your area no matter your size. You need production work to …
  • Overactivation looks like oil and water. If you haven't seen that, than why are you worried about sneaking up on it. Just get more activator on the part. http://k2forums.com/discussion/10060/troubleshooting-your-first-few-dips#latest Look for the …
  • Usually with some looking around online you can find the Pantone # for just about any school or team. Information I found was 502 when in the camo, 504 when it's stand alone. If you give JJ those numbers, he should have no trouble matching it. Or fi…
  • If it is still liquid, its probably fine. Keep in mind OHW1.0 had different rules for use and is a bit less forgiving.
    in shelf life Comment by WileECoyote July 9
  • I am guessing the brake fluid reservoir is hdpe just for chemical resistance
  • Sounds like you are planning to thin a pigmented paint with binder (intercoat) to get a candy. That is no the same as adding as candy to a clear (intercoat or actual clear coat). It doesn't look the same, and actually does not look as good.
  • What do you mean by automotive paint? A 2K urethane? Then it wasn't cured.
  • Thats going to be up to the customer
  • @DeviousDips unless you have contamination in your shop don't touch it with a chemical. You only use a chemical if you have proven that there is a NEED too. In 99% of cases, all you have to do is tack it off.