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  • norcalfrank said: I use prep-all or alcohol Do you flame treat or use other systems like sx103. When you flame treat do you just keep treating over and over till no agents come out or just a couple times then completely degrease then scuff …
  • I use prep-all or alcohol
  • i didn't realize we was suppose to be activating the water, then putting the film on top of that!!! It's the pre activator technique. Didn't you learn that in training?
  • Looks like edge mapping. A good sandable primer will take care of that.
  • Thanks guys!
  • @norcalfrank It's cool of my close friends in the business down here is using a Tekna and he swears by it...could not talk him into a GPi if I gave it to him...and I And no I am not giving them away... Yep, it's all g…
  • And I'm sure there will be others out at some point that work better. My point was that I didn't think it was built for activator, as Devilbiss isn't in the hydro business. It is a good paint gun. Not as good as the Tekna, but close.
  • I have had the same and other problems with their films. I quit buying from them after (lack of) customer service pissed me off.
  • Click on the materials tab to see what it's designed to shoot.
  • The GPI is a UK gun, but I never heard anything about it from Devilbiss being anything than a quality built gun designed to spray automotive paint, which it doesn't pretty well. I'll haven't I been with Devilbiss and see what they say.
  • Agree with GPI. It's not really a paint gun, it was made FOR this process. HOWEVER, If I had to replace my GPI, I would look hard at the pressure pots. One of the things I need to do this year is build an intake/exhaust above my tank. When i …
  • Gunsa will do just fine but if you want the top notch activator gun then GPI. I use both  I had a GPI. Sold it and kept the Gunza.
  • I've had good luck with my air gunza 1.8mm tip
  • with hydrovator, don't tick-tac-toe it. And to ME, it looks like your spitting either a bit of activator or a bit of water. And that would go along with what your seeing.. holes form right away. REALLY need more than a little HB filter to catc…
  • I'm sure you will get a hundred answers. I use Frog Tape mostly, but just regular masking tape for taping up film before a dip. I also use the blue stuff when I'm taping over a dip like to cover up on a 50/50 dip. Actually on the seam on a 50/50…
  • Do you have to call and order from TWN every time for film? TWN has great customer service when they are trying to sell you something, but if there is a problem, forget about any customer service. Stick with the forum sponsors. They are there to…
  • @PagesHydroDipping thanks @norcalfrank DNA don’t have a shop front or supplier in the US as yet but there stuff can be ordered online. Obviously the shipping on the paints is gonna kill you because it’s solvent based but the mutant crystalz is water…
  • I have never seen DNA paint products here in the states.
  • Very nice. What activator dod you use? I fought this pattern this weekend and never got it to look good.
  • Very nice!
  • And we gave a few demonstrations about it in Ohio too... I would have liked to have seen that. One of the drawbacks to the format of the remote class, is lack of structure. While that can be a good thing, and allows people to roam from teache…
  • I’ll have to give it a shot! Yeah, I'd give it a try, Joe. It may not meet your needs for longevity with the amount of work you guys put through the shop.
  • Old film. Think TWN, except that they will not work with you and it's always the installers fault... Great write up, Joe. Very help full. Thanks.
  • I use the same garnet from Tractor Supply and it works fine for what I do. I tried the Harbor AO once and I agree with the mess. I actually bagged it back up and too it back to them.
  • I've used coal slag (called Black Diamond here) for automotive suspension parts. It does break down fast and is dirty as hell. I wouldn't use it for the hydrographic process myself.
  • I was in the ceramic tile industry for 31 years. Muratic will etch a gloss ceramic finish, but it may not be enough to get your base to stick correctly. On the enamel, I would try what Joe said. Give aluminum oxide a try. It's very agressive, mu…
  • Very nice work, love the pattern. Is that custom film?