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  • I was using "Hot Hues" Charcoal Candy for a while and most recently went through Mark at OnPace Finishing and he got me some that works well also.
  • Agreed. Big Brain is awesome. Sean and Dinnetta are great people!
  • Welcome!
  • Some of these tricks just come from experience. Glad to help people when I can. You can even get those craft scissors that cut a zig-zag edge and help hide carbon fiber or camo seams. Just match/mask where a line is already and it often times blends…
  • I like our IR setup. There are some clears that cure very fast under IR. NanoChem Matte Clear can be handled after about 10 minutes in front of our lamps, and for gloss PPG deltron DC3000 take (if I remember correctly) under 10 minutes to cure to wh…
  • I wondered how long a customer is without their vehicle? Assuming you start the day it's dropped off, would it be more than a couple weeks? Mostly waiting for the clear to cure? Disassembly,  part prep , paint, dip, clear, cure, reassemble... I qu…
  • @getcoated28384 instead of masking a straight line seam with tape, use your imagination and cut the tape edge to match a more digital-Camo like pattern. Like irregular square edges similar to the size of the squares on the pattern you choose. It won…
  • Yep. You just need to blast off the gunkote and apply a compatible paint. LOL! I’m kidding... I think you’re meaning dip to the cured Gunkote? No, it will not accept the dip. You can scuff or lightly blast to profile the Gunkote, then apply a clear…
  • I had a guy this week that wanted me to "dip" his Glock frame in white. I explained it to him and he is suppose to get it to me this week. Who wants a white glock??? Yuck, but hey, whatever the customer wants as long as it doesn't compromise the …
  • Remember... flame treatment is changing the surface tension of the plastic due to a chemical reaction between the flame plasma and the surface of the plastic. It's not only the heat. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flame_treatment
  • Use the black and Clear flames, dip over silver, and coat with blue candy.
  • @MidOhioHydrographics "short staffed"? I haven't heard that at all this year... Our unemployment rate is so low, that you actually can't buy a house around here. Houses sell with being on the market for a day or two. Buyers are paying $20,000 to $…
  • All the above...seen many come and go...people think because they build some POS tub that will hold water? That means some kind of right of passage like the world owes their business a living...worst business decision ever...we make a living at it a…
  • Too much solvent hitting your base and reacting in that pic. You put clear on too heavy too fast and it knuckled your base. IF you're using aerosol clear, you were likely too close to the part and putting too much down.
  • If you have a lot of the equipment already (good air compressor and quality filtration system, blast cabinet, paint booth, paint guns, etc.) you will likely come in less than that $30,000. But I would guess around $15,000 roughly.
  • Welcome!
  • Unless you’re getting signs of over activation, lay more. Paint some speed shapes or other practice parts to test with.
  • An RAL code is best. Or get a paint chip from Home Depot and send it down to Jason and he will match it.
  • Yep. You’re under activated still and have hesitation lines. Use a cool activator like K2 Brew or Mossy Sauce to help hold the blacks. Soak longer, more activator, maybe a bit of dwell after activating to let it soak in, and definitely be more smoot…
  • Yeah could be an incompatible paint, paint not cured or mixed properly, or you just severely over activated.
  • Use a Charcoal or smoke candy concentrate. We usually just mix it into our normal 2k clear but can also mix it into a clear binder mixed w reducer so it’s very thin. Shoot a couple coats of clear first, then candy, then a couple more coats of regula…
  • And remember Marc is extremely knowledgeable about many coating systems. He distributes for many different paint systems and can get you a product for nearly ANY application. He recently found me a coating for my new rough pine barn floor. I’ll give…
  • We use a 1.4 with one wet wet coat. As much as we can lay on without runs so we can get as much film build as possible in one coat. We have done two coats for testing and still no gloss, or very little. Plenty matte enough for a firearm. We LOVE the…
  • For a carbon bow, you need to carefully sand it. You can't blast and you can't use chemical strippers. Only option is sanding. You could also contact the manufacturer and see what they recommend.
  • No. If you need to flame treat, your paint should come off very easily anyway.
  • I would make the doors entirely out of filters as close to the cross sectional size of your booth as you can.
  • Colors look like they're sagging in the middle and I also see some signs of under activation. I wonder if your criss cross method caused a spot in the middle to over activate. Forgive the chicken scratch, but this may convey what I mean. If you do t…
  • @WileECoyote I have next to zero experience with automotive bases, so I'm curious about curing. The Nason base I did use a while back had an "optional" hardener. We only used it once, and experience was bad. Seems like every time we venture outside …
  • Looking good and a VERY technical and informative thread. Thank you for sharing!