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Hello My name is Willie, I own a small retail business and in a passing interest starting dipping some personal items, when clients and friends found out they started asking me to do something of theirs. Right now I have explained to both that I am no where ready to do such a thing to property that belongs to someone else (clients) but I do have some good friends that have said they would be willing to be test subjects. I do like being creative and while its true I do not have a huge amount of upfront cash to invest into the project I have some of those same friends with a huge amount of talent and resources, Welders, Farmers. Electrician, Plumbers... All who has already requested a graphic be done in one form or another and all who has offered there own professional skills and resources to get me up and going


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  • DeviousDips
    Hey bud your beating a dead horse with trying to get these guys to ok a tank that isn't stainless. I've been a welder / fabricator for 20 yrs and you will be fine. I went thru this whole thing when I made my tank outta alum. You are correct when you say stainless is no stronger than carbon steel. The only difference is stainless is chemical resistant so if you take care of that then you will be fine
    July 8
    • willie14228
      Thank You
    • Rogakis2923
      hey guys don't mean i chime in but, i have a guy wanting to trade me some dipping on his car in returns of him building me a tank. i also did some research but was unclear of some things. He used alum. so what do i need to know about that?
    • willie14228
      Click on @deviousdips profile and shoot him a message, I don't have the experience to answer other than to say I would first attack craigslist and see if you can find a stainless milk cooling tank first.. Look at my post in the DIY and you will see a lot of feedback from some of the more experienced guys. You may have an easier time finding a stainless tank up in your area that can be modded for dipping
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