UK and European customers. Aquagraphix needs you!!!

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Hey guys,
Aiming this one at the non US guys as we all know you lot already have some of the best suppliers out there right on your doorsteps. What lucky people you are ;-)

Well, We have started supplying more and more new customers in Europe that have come to us through this amazing forum.
But We want to reach more of you that dont already know about us.
We want you to experience the same amazing service and support that these new customers are experiencing right now.
Dont bother shopping around. We stock almost everything you will need to get yourself started in Hydrographics including paints and activators in aerosols. We also stock a lot of products aimed at the professional such as ONE HIT WONDER hydrographics paints, additives and activator guns.
We stock the amazing Quartz Liquid Glass clear coat too that some of you may have seen people raving about on Facebook. We also stock some of the other Quartz products that make life easier such as their binder/intercoat and their fabulous speedster.
As well as stocking all these brilliant products at competitive prices we also offer full support and back up over the phone, on Fb and over emails all day every day. You cant buy that type of service.
We also offer training courses at our well equipped workshop.
We have dedicated dip rooms, prep areas and paint booths so you will be taught by the best people in the best environment. Courses are aimed at anyone from a complete newbie to the pro who just wants to refresh some skills. Get in touch for more details. We can also help with hotel and travel bookings if required.

So, i think ive spent enough time there bigging Aquagraphix up. Now its your turn to try us and see if what i say is true. I guarantee you will not be disappointed when you choose Aquagraphix as your go to Hydrographics supplier. Jim will tell you ;-)

Use the code K210 at check out on the website to get 10% off your order as a member of the K2Forum. One time use per person. Valid on all products including ONE HIT WONDER PAINT. Excluding DevilBiss Activator kits.

We ship to all mainland European countries using UPS express so you wont be waiting long for your delivery. We ship within the UK next day as long as your order is in my 12 midday.
Its also free in the UK if your order is over £65.00. Bonus!

Not sure if we ship to you? Send us a message on Fb or email me [email protected] or if you would rather have a little chat with me then call anytime (9ish to 5ish) 01443 836599. Im always happy to help and love a little chinwag too ;-)

We look forward to showing you what a great company we are and how much we care about your success. After all if you guys arnt successful we wont be either.

Much Love from Sunny Welsh Wales in the UK.

Eve xxxx


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