Three different Driftwood Patterns

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Imagine these patterns on a "wooden" rifle stock....

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    Just adding the Bristle Cone Pine pattern....

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    The very last one looks the most impressive. This reminds me of a question as to how a part is dipped in multiple patterns like motor bike tanks. I have been imagining the proper method and some special masking tape but i am sure there is some specific procedure and method involved.
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    @chuubaba if you want to do a multiple film dip you dip your first pattern, rinse, mask of the area you don't want the next pattern and dip the second. 
    You can also intercoat clear after your first pattern so you have a safe zone if something goes wrong on the second dip
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    @DeviousDips I have been imagining dipping as prescribed by you but defining the borders between the patterns seems to trouble me most. If have experienced the blemishes caused by masking tape missing the lines etc. Is there special tape required. I fear cutting through or otherwise damage the primer attempting to tame the tape.
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    @chuubaba I run just regular tape across my shirt or pant leg a few time to take the tacky ness down. As far as it leaving a hard line, it will do that. I clear coat and wet sand it down
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