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Here is the basic course for anyone that is interested. The course is designed to be adjusted to your particular needs. Because of that we do NOT teach more than one company at a time. Your time is valuable and your instruction should be focused in order to maximize your learning experience.

K2 Training Program

Interview and discuss plans and realistic goals.

Introduction to the Hydrographic Process.

How to track and process orders.

Basic Preparation Of Items.

How to break down your items into 2 groups for preparation.

How this explanation can get you orders and separate you from your competition.

3 Basic Paint Groups. How this impacts your bottom line.

Understanding and making reusable jigs for your parts inexpensively and how they can increase your profit.

Working with films and base coats to expand your processing ability and reduce your overhead.

Pricing jobs and understanding increased production.

Using your tank and films together.

Explanation and use of “K2 Triangles”. How and when to adjust these to maximize your processing.

Rinse tanks and how to decrease rinse downtime.

Touch up and why most companies fail at it.

Exceptions to every rule theory.

How and when to use the “X” factor.

Clear coat tricks and secrets to use in production processing.

QuickBooks over view and it's effects on your business.

Certificate Of Completion.

Total 2 Day Course Investment: $1750 for the first student and $475 for each additional student after that.

We train every 2 weeks and have trained over 300 companies in the last 5 years.
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