Which is more economical heat hold -- Preheat--Econ Hold

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It can take quite a bit of energy to heat water when you are talking about the gallons of water that is inside one of these tanks and I am not sure what tank functions are available in the control units programming but I am sure that they have those three functions
  • Heat Hold is your normal work day heat hold keeping the tanks temp at working temp
  • Preheat is set on a 7 day timer that would start heating the water to working temp before a normal workday
  • Econ Hold would be a nightly temp hold that allows the tank to be brought to working temp faster by not allowing the tanks temp to fall below a certain level
I would think in logic that an econ hold overnight combined with a preheat two to three hours before workday would be the most energy efficient along with a weekend complete power down
Speaking of energy efficiency one thing I have noticed with all the actual production tanks is that non are insulated. This surprises me even a 1/4 inch of foam board insulation could greatly reduce the workload on a heater and therefore increase energy savings. Would the 5 sheets of thin stainless and insulation out-way the savings in material cost? The panels do not need to be welded in place should not in fact to allow easy access for repairs.


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    Build it out of stainless. Wrap it in 1" foam board insulation. Cover it with insulation when not in use. We do this and only have to run the heater about an hour or so once a week. Granted, I don't dip that often and it's covered most of the time.

    Yes, it uses a lot of energy to heat the tank. As always, figure ALL expenses into your pricing so you are not losing any potential profits. Basically, charge the customer an extra dollar per item and don't worry about it after it's insulated well.
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    Our tank is an old insulated bulk milk tank. It looses very little heat over a day (around 3° F if covered well) so we don't worry about it.
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    Depends...26ga sheet of Stainless is going to run you about $200 a sheet...without shearing or braking...so tack on $1500 to $2000 for a wrap of stainless/insulation...

    Also very tough to sell if no other manufacturers are doing it either...I just throw a piece of PolyIsoCyanate on top of my tank at night and call it good...
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    Ouch I haven't priced the stuff lately its gotten pretty pricy
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