Wanda Paint

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i have seen a few thing where people use Wanda paint for basecoat.  That would be very convent for me since there is a mike and jerrys close.  So,  which line of basecoat are y'all using?   I thought I seen someone say they used the waterbase but I looked and there are so many different lines of the Wanda paint.  I been using OHW which works great. Then I bought a few quarts last week of aqualac and man.  That stuff seems to bite.  And I must say I love the clean up, not near the fumes, and seems to lay very nice.  But I can't say OHW doesn't do any of that either because I love it as well.  So any advice on Wanda paint?  A picture of a quart or gallon of what some use would be great!  Thanks y'all!!

And BTW I'm Itchy. Kinda labeled my little venture as Itchys Hydrograffixs.  Still mainly a hobbyist and doing stuff for friends.   I'm still a green horn and getting in this and I must say.  I Love it.  And boy have I been busy......  I also have to get my hats off to Jim.  He talked with me on phone a while back and you just don't get service that good anywhere hardly these days!  I ended up buying a air gunsa 1.8 and some super brew and everything just clicked.   I've been doing some nice stuff, now I'm ready for some training!  


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    Welcome! Great to have you. I love Aqualac and buy it in drums. Never used Wanda, so can't help there.
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    thanks. I plan on being active on the site. I am about to write a post on the new members section to introduce myself.. One day I will be able to afford drums hahaha.. I am still on a quart level! but gotta start somewhere, right?
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