vape mods & heavily handled equipment

I recently gutted one of my old vape mods & dipped it in reaper skulls just to see how that would look but I also have a friend that does engraving & he wanted to experiment engraving over dipped items & see how well it held up.. ok.. so my question is & I get asked this quite a bit.. if someone decides they want to get their vape mod case dipped.. Is the OHW 2k clear the best option for this type of project ? The reason I ask is because it seems that the factory paint jobs that come on these mods always scratch off in a little bit of no time & they are forced to put stickers or cases on them & that always looks like **badword**. People ask me about the durability factor of the clear over the dip itself with something like this that is handled all the time day after day. If the OHW 2k clear would be good for it.. then how many coats do you think would be sufficient so to do a good job without putting too much on it in so much as build up goes ? thanks


  • RavenbonesRavenbones Posts: 34Member
    oh... crap... I seen it edited my bad word... my bad
  • NotSoFastNotSoFast Posts: 3,254Member, Moderator El Moderator
    Also, if the factory finish scratches off so easily, I hope you are removing it completely before painting and dipping. Weakest link in the chain...that sort of thing.
  • MidOhioHydrographicsMidOhioHydrographics Posts: 9,404Member, Moderator, Business Ninja El Moderator
    Yep, blast/strip it down and use OHW line bottom to top (correctly). If they wear through that? I think they'd also be dead from asphyxiation.
  • dippinchitdippinchit Posts: 120Member ✭✭
    Airbrush and CeraKote Clear
  • RavenbonesRavenbones Posts: 34Member
    yea... they are trying to look classy.. not to mention that its the next big thing. You can dip a mech mod pretty easy.. Its the ones that have temperature control & electronics inside that are a lot harder to deal with because its harder to gut for them. If you look on youtube you will see companies already dipping vape mods a lot. You absolutely have to take them back to bare metal on the case though before you can dip them.. get rid of the factory paint.
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