3 Ways to Stop Being Ignored on Social Media!

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Social media marketing takes time and effort. Take these simple steps to make sure social media marketing pays off for your small business.

Social media is a huge opportunity for businesses, but many time- and cash-strapped small business owners also perceive it as a burden. Do all your social media marketing efforts result in little more than the sound of digital crickets chirping?

If your small business is being ignored on social media, these three simple tips can help you get the right people pay attention.
  1. Find your audience where they already spend time online. A professional services business may spend time (and money) posting all day to Facebook, but if your core audience of executives mainly engages on LinkedIn, you won’t reach the right eyes. Spend your time using only those platforms where your target audience spends its time online. Not sure which platforms are best for your business? Ask your best customers about their favorite social media sites.
  2. Maintain a consistent presence. Many businesses only post during short-term or seasonal campaigns, and then go dark for weeks or months. Like any relationship, your social media followers need consistent attention to build loyalty. If you’re short on time, consider scheduling a batch of posts in advance using HootSuite or a similar tool.
  3. Stop selling and start engaging. Social media is about getting to know people—it’s not about the hard sell. While it’s fine to share promotions and sales online, the bulk of your content should provide value for your customers, rather than asking them for something. Join the online conversation by engaging with other social media users, replying to inbound questions, using popular hashtags or creating polls and contests.


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