What’s the Best Way to Advertise on Facebook?

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Facebook Ads offer many options for social media marketing campaigns. Learn how to determine the best and most effective type of advertising for your marketing budget.

Over 2 million businesses advertise on Facebook, from one-person enterprises to Fortune 100 corporations. But if you want to effectively and cost-efficiently join their ranks, what’s the best way to advertise on Facebook?

The answer varies depending on your goals, audience and budget. Follow these three steps to decide how to use Facebook Ads to market your company:

Pinpoint your campaign goals and target audience. A right-column ad may work great for a business that’s trying to improve online sales, but that type of Facebook ad isn’t the best choice if your goal is to publicize an event or get more Facebook page likes. Determining what you want an ad to accomplish and who you want to reach will help you decide on the best Facebook format.

Facebook Ads come in several shapes and sizes. There are three general types of ads on Facebook:
  • News Feed ads (desktop and mobile)
  • Mobile News Feed (ads that appear in Facebook users’ mobile News Feeds)
  • Right-column ads (known as domain ads)
However, there are a number of subcategories within those main ad types, such as:
  • Event ads
  • Offer ads
  • Page like ads
On top of that, there are additional marketing techniques your business can use on Facebook, including promoted or boosted posts.

Test, test, test. If your business has a limited marketing budget, start with boosted or promoted posts to help you increase interaction with Facebook users. If you’re having trouble deciding whether to include photos or a call to action in your promoted post, consider investing a small amount to run two modest test campaigns simultaneously, so you can gain insight on which ad resonates more with customers. Then run the winning campaign on a broader scale (as budget allows) with the peace of mind that you’re spending smart.


  • PaulPaul Posts: 64Member ✭✭
    I usually just "boost" a post of a dip that looks really good in the uploaded pictures, typically get a decent amount of likes on it, and new people to like the page.  Works pretty good.
  • NWCCNWCC Posts: 8Member, Business Ninja
    For smaller shops, you could try the new Facebook marketplace. It's free advertising, and they may eventually have better management on deleting posts that aren't items for sale, rather than services offered. But as of now, none of my posts have been deleted from the marketplace section.
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