YETI and bad dad

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I am thinking YETI put a vacuum in their tumbler?


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    No 325 degrees is NOT a good base line...when did your truck or anything you own reach 325 degrees?...Dumbass...I think the cab of a truck in full sunlight at 100 degrees maxs out at 150...What's next? Hey I stuck a Windows mouse inside a microwave for 45 seconds and it failed...

    This is as disgusting as lawyers who push construction defect lawsuits...oh we aimed a 3/4" garden hose at 250 PSI for 72 hours at your window and it leaked...freaking idiots, of course it leaked....
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    I don't get the reason for putting them in the oven.
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     Like Jim said, if it's sitting in your truck or car it's only gonna get to be around 100 degees. You could even leave the cups outside on a hot day. Or just put a blow dryer on it to test. 
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    I am absolutely sick of the cup thing !!

    I can assure you that my beer..... in the summer ...... at 100 degrees ..... will not have time to get hot ..... yeti or no yeti !!!
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    I am thinking YETI put a vacuum in their tumbler?

    Ummm.... yes. That's how they are insulated and why they work so Well. All the stainless cups/tumblers/coozies involved in this craze are vacuum insulated.

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    I don't get the reason for putting them in the oven.

    Because he's a dummy. He thinks of measuring temperature, so his feeble mind jumps straight to the hottest thing he knows of...the oven. He should be measuring the temperature change of the material inside the cup in "reasonable" conditions. Fill it with ice water and put it where it may normally be found. On your coffee table or the cup holder of your car. See how long the ice lasts in the Yeti vs the other brand cups. But you have to start with the same amount of water and ice in each for the test to be more accurate.
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    I find more humor that Mr. Scientific took a camping ax to the cup to "look inside".
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    This guy is an absolute mouth breathing moron for at least 10 separate and distinct reasons. Some people's lust to be famous for 5 seconds actually borders on dangerous. If there is any justice in the world that hatchet head will fly off and do the world a favor some day. 
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    This guy is a true Moran. And to think he mentors his son... is this child abuse of the brain..
    Yah. getting sick of the tumblers? I bet Yeti isn't. $250 million in sales for 2015, this last years sales haven't been released yet... wish I would have thought of this idea..crazy
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