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I have a client that want a buch of 2in1 business card/brochure holders in need of graphics. The tricky thing about it is obviously the depth of the cups will rob the film from filling in behind the next. Not a big deal so long as they don't run out of cards to hide the void. The holders are clear plastic and flat from top to bottom on the back, which would make for an easy dip, IF, it were possible to dip them first, rinse thoroughly, and then paint the base color. The film of choice in prarie ghost  (sage brush with that horrible celery green base color). Is this possible, to dip over a clear substrate, and then paint?


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    Post some pics!

    As far as dipping to a clear substrate, that depends on the substrate. If it's Lexan you're probably fine, but if you're painting anyway? Why?
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    OR drill a hole in the bottom of the card holder so the pattern will fill most of the void...no one is going to see the bottom anyways so why not?...
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    Well its hard to explain I suppose.  It would be a simple dip from the backside if I can dip first followed by paint because it is clear, you would basically be looking through it at the pattern, like if you could dip a window and see it from inside a room looking out. But I still haven't tried to dip in a reverse order like that. It dips to the lexan fine on its own sure, but it doesn't like good without a base paint behind it. 
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    I will get a pic as soon as I can get back to the shop 
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