Looking for helmet release of liability

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If anyone has one that they would like to share, it would be great. Thanks...


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    You are getting into a pretty tricky area there. It all comes down to what responsibility people are willing to take on themselves, and how conscientious they are about their own process. Some may not be willing to admit they even do them, and I doubt that most of what most people assume is a waiver would hold up in court anyway. Your best bet is to talk to a lawyer, but you know the can of worms that opens up. The simple fact is, you aren't allowed to use a hardhat that has been exposed to solvents... a helmet is no different... and EVERYTHING we use has atleast TRACE solvents.
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    A lawyer is the best route to go will cost you money but will have it when you need it. If it was just a scope or something material like that I would say just write one up, but this is way more than a material item this is a life and can be very costly if you do the job and the helmet fails. Who do you think they are coming for? Everyone is sue happy any more.
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    I know on the non dot helmets there is a novelty only sticker or tag to protect them from that problem 
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