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    in the interest of being helpful I left a comment pointing this person to resources, but erm,... this worries me.
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    LMAO !!!! youtube rocks
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    If I were a better person, this might be cause for concern, or cause me to put some effort in to trying to help. He has about 1/4 of the information that he needs, but is POSITIVE he has it all, and there will be no talking him out of it. I wish him and his wet shoes "good luck".
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    He needs more silicone in his tank. MORE SILICONE!!!
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    I would hate to be around that tank when the SOB comes apart !!!
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    Pure masterpiece! 
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      And to think, I spent a few thousand on a stainless tank when all I really needed was plastic and silicone!  Lots and lots of silicone.
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    Silicon and paint are like water and fire. The don't mix. Hello FISHEYE's.
    Fast cheap way without more welding Web strap. HF
    You like black and no leaking? Buy Rubber roofing and contact cement and make a fish pond
    Learn how to do the corners by watching how to install waterproofing on shower stalls on YT
    Skip the fancy overflow and just use old house screen to remove old ink and tape.
    For 90% of your current work you built a tank WAY to big. Lots of energy to keep it hot.
    Where is insulation?
    Where is LID?
    Why do you need a drain? Sump pump will work just fine for you.
    Take everything PURPLE in your shop and throw it in the garbage where it belongs.
    invest your savings into Jims special spray gun.
    Where is all of your finishing tools and supplies?
    Any pool supply has ALGE eater. Lots of chlorine in tap water. Fluoride. minerals. hard water soft water 1000 day old water full of Vator
    You mentioned a hot tub set-up. I use that. It is fully CE and UL listed.
    I am thinking of going to the salt water set-up because saline water is thicker then fresh water.
    Maybe add some seaweed extract to thicken the water.
    Lastly you can buy a PLASTIC WELDER AT HF for cheap
    You spent to much time on the seams When you want EVEN pressure across the seam you use inner and outer strips of 1/4 inc steel not washers. They make ripples. Wine barrel style.
    I am a fireman
    If you take 4 ladders and stand them on edge and rope tie the corners together. Then throw a tarp over it. It will/can hold 1500 gal of water to use as a drafting tank.
    Side pressure is not as much as you think it is.
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    Actually? Side pressure is greater than most people think it is...We learned this when we designed a 12 foot tank...the reason the ladders can hold that kind of pressure is because of the design of the ladders...the rungs make excellent cross bracing...now if you were to take just a plain piece of wood or other material? Yea you would see it bend and blow out...
    So whether you realize it or not? The design is crucial to the function...the guys that did the ladder thing just happened to hit on an excellent cross-bracing design without knowing it...If you don't believe me? Throw your design into Solid Works and ask for a stress test...you would find the answers illuminating...
    As for the rest? Yea lots of truth...hell I have seen guys dip out of a wheel barrow...leave it in the sun and it's heated...BUT...
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    @dippinchit how might using a salt water setup be beneficial? just curious.
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    Not a problem.... @ltnlover21 Doesn't everybody need to get corrosion started on the arms and wheels they dip..... That way the customer will be back in a couple of weeks... B)
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    @studebaker truly, I mean isn't return business the stuff of life lol!
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    Water exerts a force of .433 psi per vertical foot. A 3 foot deep tank will exert 1.299 psi on the bottom of the tank. Start adding that up and you will see where the problems come in.
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    I never thought of the ladders structure
    Your correct about that and that the water level is only as high as the ladder structure.
    We did use a wooden box for a while
    we used L metal to bolt it together and was framed like a wall in 2x4s
    even that gave out after a while. Plus is sucks to have it around and its heavy.
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    That link seem to work better... It is the same... How he`s not a quiet large, human version of fried bacon with all those plugs and wires... Testing water tightness with sockets on the floor...

    What is that crowbar for, and those metal things in the corner...?

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