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Hey Guys,
We are now back to being fully stocked on all our activators.
Our shipment arrived from the USA yesterday and we have ben frantically decanting into tins ever since.

We have Hydrovator,
We have Hydrovator PLUS,
we have K2Brew and we have K2Superbrew.

Every one of these activators is awesome but our personal favourite combination that we use daily is Hydrovator PLUS and K2Superbrew.
With both these products you'll have every film covered.

Not all the Superbrew sizes are on the website yet (I really need to get my **badword** in gear and sort that out) so if you cant find what you want just order k2brew and put a note in the notes section that you would like Superbrew instead and we can sort that out. Its all the same price.

We can do aerosols, 1 liters, 2.5 liters and 5 liter trade packs.

****Use the code K210 at check out on the website to get 10% off your order as a member of the K2Forum. One time use per person. Valid on all products except for DevilBiss activator guns****


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