Gifts for the wife

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I am still very new at this and this is the first time ever using Big Brains Wet Glamour clear last night. Did a few speed shapes and did these towing mirror extensions and a matching tumbler for the wife and her truck (ours really but its "hers"). Ive used the Dead Flat clear before and I think I have that down but this is the first time using this clear. Im a SUPER happy with this!!! Blew the clear on last night, got up this morning and its done!! Cut off the tape and hand it over to the wife...OH, thats LCHP Metalic Teal underneath the Big Brain black clear flames... Im starting to think I can do this!!! Its also a pita to photograph!! The reflection off this clear is stupid shiny!! I have not even buffed it, this is right out of the gun...OH...and what looks like dust in the clear is actually pollen on the cup..clouds of it were raining down on me while I was trying to take the photos...hate this time of year, cant breath most of the time.


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