Two tone cups

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I had a young lady ask me if I could do a two tone cup and sent me a pic. It was simply a two tone kind of faded from the bottom up. Looked pretty good for just a paint job. So since I had my 12 for $12 coming from @onehitwonder I asked her to give some time and I would try. I sent her pics after doing two different fades and she wanted to see them after the clear gloss. I really didn't want to clear them without a hydrographic design on them so this was the final result! Thanks @onehitwonder the 12 for $12 has now given me a lot of other design options with these types of films!


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    nice work
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    Those actually look really good, nice job!!!
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    Nice work
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    Thanks @Sreynolds , @IceMaster , @CoastalHydrographics and @MidOhioHydrographics just wanted to share for anyone else doing the Yeti type cups, opens another window for sales and the women seem to like this kind of stuff! The music one sold quick as a graduation present for a High School band member. Thanks again!
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    @osufanintx can you give me any tips on how you fade the paint. I can never get it to look that clear of a fade. I looked in the search bar but didn't find much. I'm using HVLP guns also if that makes a difference. thanks
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    @esoutfitters I haven't tried my spray guns yet. These were the rattle can but I would think it would be easier with a spray gun. I spray the top part first down a little over the curve of the cup or on a straight cup a little over half way down. Then I start spraying from the bottom up until its a pretty solid color up to the curve, and then I move a little further away from the cup and point the spray nozzle on a slight downward angle and hit it lightly as I work my way around the cup letting the top part of the fan pattern just mist over the top color on the cup working up until you received the desired affect that you are looking for. By no means do I have a lot of experience painting but this seemed fairly easy. Take your time and show your results please. I figured, hey at least its just a paint job if I screw it up and no where near as frustrating as messing up a dip!!!! But then I thought oh crap I hope I don't mess up this dip after getting the cup to look so good!LOL Wife says we need to be charging more for this extra classy look. She may be right. Keep us updated and Good luck, If I can do it anyone can.
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    Great work!
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    Maybe put the cup on a lazy Susan and spin it around as you spray to keep an even line.
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    @NotSoFast that is a great idea! Thanks!
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    @NotSoFast that is a great idea! Thanks!

    That's what I'm here for! =)
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    @NotSoFast I just ordered one should make it easier for sure. Thanks Again!
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    @NotSoFast I just ordered one should make it easier for sure. Thanks Again!

    We have a few that used to be used in a ceramics shop. They are made of marble. Nice and heavy so they don't tip over with tall parts on them and you can just scrape off any paint over spray with a razor blade.
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    Wow! Nice job!
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    I use an airbrush
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