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Okay, so wanted to discuss heat and humidity issues within paint booths since that time of year is quickly approaching. When the heat and humidity start to climb, what steps would you guys recommend to help keep issues out of the booth?

My booth is a small booth that's in my garage and it has no a/c or anything like that. Would you recommend putting a small window a/c unit in or would it be best just to run a dehumidifier and get the humidity levels lower instead? Someone had told me that an a/c unit would put too much moisture in the booth, so that wasn't a good thing to do.

So thought I would ask everyone here their input and what would be the best steps to take to at least minimize issues as much as possible


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    I have been working out of the same set up as you for 3 years and I've tried the window unit, the floor unit but ended up not using either. went with a dehumidifier. I leave my garage door open all the time except for when I'm done for the day then its closed. That's when I cut the dehumidifier on because of the heated tank. A month or so ago I discovered black mold growing behind my booth and it was moving fast so I shut down work for 5 days and did some cleaning & rebuilt my booth but I can cut the dehumidifier on once I'm done and 2 hours later it has a half a gal of water in it so I say a dehumidifier is a must for guy's like you and I working out of their garage. While the tank is heated if I shut the garage door and don't cut on the dehumidifier my windows will start to sweat. I'm fixing to get a large sheet of Styrofoam insulation from lowes 1 inch thick and put on the top of my tank to trap the heat in. It's going to be a pain n the butt cause of it being so big and moving it around the shop but oh well. Figure something out. Good luck!!
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    I like @CoastalHydrographics idea of using the dehumidifier after you close up for the day. You're fighting a losing battle if you have a paint booth. The air has to come in from somewhere while it's on. And yeah, the tank lid is a good idea. Just a piece of 2" foam does a world of good keeping the heat in when the tank isn't in use.
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    Ya, I think I like the dehumidifier idea as well. Bring down the humidity and it'll likely bring down the temp a bit as well.
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    Getting rid of humidity is always good... Except when it comes to painting. High humidity makes your clear "glass out" better, it keeps dust down, and eliminates static. So use it where you can, and eliminate it where you have too.
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    @WileECoyote - but the high temps I'll likely see in my booth will be a problem though right? Not sure how I would use the humidity to my advantage and be able to lower temps at the same time
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    The higher temp will make your paint flash off faster, but a bit thinner coat and you can avoid solvent popping. Obviously recoat time goes down with higher temp, and with all that water around, you will need parts to dry faster. It's an overall process improvement, not just in the paint booth. Save time in another area and have to spend it someplace else. But it sure helps to document your changes so next year you don't have to learn all over...
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