Waterbase...waterbourne...what is what?

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I can see this may be a stupid question...but i have been looking on the forum and using my dear search bar and cannot find an awnser to my question.

I am from Portugal and sometimes somethings get kinda lost in translation.
Believe it or not when i go to my paint supplier i ask for everything in english....then i remember she isnt going to understand what i want...lol...but that does not matter now!!

One of the things that gets lost in translation is waterbourne and waterbase....i can translate it fine...but over here the paint supplier (and many painters i have talked to) only knows the waterbase (sherwin williams in case you are wondering)...what i mean is probably here they do not make a difference in name...

What i would like to know is how do i know witch one is dippable and witch will disolve in water?
How do you guys figure this out? What is the difference between waterbase and waterboune?

Thanks....and sorry if this is stupid!


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    waterbourne is still a solvent kinda based paint with water carrier! so the sprayed voc are just h2o"water"! and water based is either a latex or acrylic base! at least that what I was told!
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    Witch would be more suitable for dipping?
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    either one!! but water based is easier to work with! less over activation isues
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    See... Prime Coatings refers to Aqualac as Waterborne... I say water based. I don't know wth the difference is, but don't care. I love paints I can clean up w water and dip well. Aqualac and HydroSolutions both fit the bill nicely
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    Waterborne and water based mean the same thing...I just say different words because if I celled them the same thing? Everyone would get confused...And you can use either one....

    Waterborne (which requires a carrier, "catalyst" is the term I use but it is incorrect...but easy to understand)...back on track, waterborne paints have to be thoroughly dry before you dip..otherwise they will return to the water (that's why they are called "waterborne"...) They also cost around $300 to $400 a gallon...which makes it tough to earn a living...

    Water BASED would be a latex or acrylic based product such as house paint (Sherwin Williams)...which you can dip to and costs MUCH less...the "hybrids" of these paints are the Prime Coatings or Hydro Solutions paint which is designed for our industry and much better suited...but they do come from a latex background so they are basically a house paint...

    Easy enough?
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    Witch would be more suitable for dipping?

    Tnx everyone...

    @K2Concepts ....its never easy....lolol...but getting there ;)

    Tnx again ;)
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    Water based
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