HVLP gun sputter

my4boysdadmy4boysdad Posts: 139Member ✭✭✭
I started using more water based paints recently (used for 2nd time last night) and I'm experiencing sputtering while spraying.  I swapped out my 1.5 tip to a 1.8 figuring the paint was a bit more viscous but that didn't really help much in that regard.  I disassemble the gun after every use so I know the gun is clean.  I'm using a Devilbiss Startingline, 80 psi on the line, and 18-25 psi at the gun.  Any advise out there that may fix my sputtering and inconsistent spraying issue.  Thanks in advance!!


  • shredshred Posts: 108Member ✭✭✭
    Check to make sure your fluid nozzle cap is tighten down . I have had my sata do that before and that was my problem I didn't tighten down all way .
  • TsunamiTsunami Posts: 4,952Member, Business Ninja ✭✭✭✭✭
    Paint is too thick or pressure is too low.. Put a water hose to the back of the fluid cap and check for symmetrical spray out of each air hole.
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    ^^^what @Tsunami said^^^
  • my4boysdadmy4boysdad Posts: 139Member ✭✭✭
    Thanks guys.  I tried thinning it a bit but that didn't help so I went back to my 1.5 and used a tip cleaner from NAPA to ensure all the air holes were free of debris and that seemed to work much better with no sputter.  
  • K2ConceptsK2Concepts Posts: 13,494Administrator El Jefe
    Tip is way too large for paint...it's not atomizing so thus the sputter...
  • MidOhioHydrographicsMidOhioHydrographics Posts: 9,529Member, Moderator, Business Ninja El Moderator
    We like a 1.5 for Aqualac and it's pretty thick. I think a 1.8 is too big. I concur w Jim
  • my4boysdadmy4boysdad Posts: 139Member ✭✭✭
    @MidOhioHydrographics @K2Concepts  ....I tell ya, I would have pulled all my hair out and I'd have a lot of broken sh#! without the help of you guys and this forum. Thanks again, makes perfect sense.
  • ImmortalImmortal Posts: 261Member ✭✭✭
    Having a similar problem using aqualac it is plugging the tip on my 1.5 should I be thinning it?
  • TsunamiTsunami Posts: 4,952Member, Business Ninja ✭✭✭✭✭
    Only thin with a few drops of water. "Dry tip" is coming from too much air and not enough material. If you have an intermission between parts say like 15 minutes remove cap and depress trigger to make sure tip is free of dried paint that will just end up in your part the first time you spray again,
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