Problem with rifle stocks

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Hey guys I'm wondering what happened here. Maybe my prep?The stock on the right is a Hogue.The other is polymer. I cleaned the Hogue with 91% alcohol and a scotch brite.Their painted with Brent's white base,Super Brew activator, 90 degree water, 60 sec.soak. 3passes on the activator. The film separated like its over activated.


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    looks like over activated spots. If i were to guess your activator gun must have a leak. If not then its in need of some adjustment or the possibility of too much activator floating on top of your water. Ive never personally had this exact issue but the holes are from over activation in these pictures. @dipper57
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    Maybe the paint cup is leaking or the air valve packing nut is loose. What gun are you using?
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    I agree with @Tsunami it looks like activator dripped on the film. I also see lines where it looks like the film stuck together and you didn't get it separated it time which mainly happens when we tape the edges of the film.
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    @dipper57 I've made it a habit to keep a clean rag near my guns and just prior to spraying activator I dab the packing nut with the rag. You know just in case.
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    activator leak in you gun somewhere try checking you needle make sure it is not leaking.
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    Sorry for the late response guys. Haven't had a chance to get on here in the last couple of days.
    I'll definitely look into all your suggestions.Thanks
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