You can never be too safe...

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These are SATA Vision 2000 Supplied Air Respirators...or pressurized hoods as we call them...Ordered these last week after I got jealous of Radical Side's score or the pressurized hood system...I have been talking about these for around a year so it was high time to quit flapping my gums and get the ball rolling. They came in last night and I am on my way to the shop now to install them...I'll report later...So far I am impressed...


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    Nice, ...
  • RadicalSideHydroRadicalSideHydro Posts: 588Member, Business Ninja ✭✭✭
    Very nice. I figured I need to be as safe as possible since I've already had the big C before. Seems the regular regulators only do so much.
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    I've required a different version of these of all of our welders for years. They love em and hate em. When the weather gets warm you'd think that they were made of solid gold and it's hard to get the guys to take them off. When the weather gets cold you'd think they were made from pieces of Chernobyl and they won't keep them on.
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    I have the 3m and love the cooling feature when it gets warm. You know 80 degrees. LOL
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    wish I had one of those when I was welding full time, hate to think on all the nasty stuff I inhaled like a weeetard over the years
  • K2ConceptsK2Concepts Posts: 13,340Administrator El Jefe
    I can only imagine how much we have huffed over the years of doing that my son is getting married and will have a wife to be responsible for? I decided it was time to be a little more cautious...
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    Yeah, I always ask my dad where all the safety equipment was when I was a kid. Now that my son is helping cut trees there was an influx of money invested, and the new philosophy "do it right, or don't do it at all" instead of "why isn't that done yet?"
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