Chest freezer tank

Made this out of an old chest freezer.

One 4500 watt heating element heats it from 52 to 90 degrees in two hours. It will stay within 10 degrees of that for three or four days, with the shop temp at 47 when not in use.

The light on the door even still works when you open it.

Pump is mounted underneath where the compessor use to be.

The base is heavy i beam welded together, with casters on the corners.

I added adjustable legs on one end to level it out, and stop it from rolling.


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    Looks cool...what do you do to flush the excess PVA out of the main tank?
    I have not dipped enough to run into that yet, i suppose ill just drain it and refill. The filter side works pretty well though. There is a design change to make the filter work better. I will post a pic when i get a chance.
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    Nice job.
    Thanks guys ill see if i can shoot a vid of it in action. Its taken me awhile to get to this point. The tank is not as big as id like, but i can do most of the items ive got so far.

    Also my biggest issue is shop space, i dont have a dedicated paint booth, or separate areas for this, so ive had to improvise.

    Curtains for painting, ceiling mounted air filter, folding work tables, etc.

    Keeping the place neat and organized is very important.
  • RDSHydroRDSHydro Posts: 1,672Member ✭✭✭✭
    We all work with what we are !making your space work and that's awesome...kudos!
  • max_forguesMRFLCmax_forguesMRFLC Posts: 20Member
    Did you have to do anything special for re-enforcement? Does the freezer take all that water without cracking? Asking because I might go down this road. Stainless sinks and tanks are way to expensive and getting a pro tank is out of the question... Been thinking about freezer for a while now..

    It holds the weight fine, there is one beam that goes accross in the center for support.
    Haha, if you want to Jim, its not the prettiest thing but it does the job.
  • KidzCarsKidzCars Posts: 8Member
    any update on the revised filtration system? I am looking to go this route for my first tank.
    All i did was use some left over rain flashing i had left over from making my dams, bent it in a v shape and cut its length to fit in the opening you see in the pic. Its goes about one inch down on the dipping side, and 3 inches on filter side.

    It drops all the garbage right in the center of the filter basket.
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    what are you using as a filter?
    Its a metal basket designed to hang on a wall for storage, then i just bought hvac filter material and cut to fit.
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    Cool idea! Good job!
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    looks like it will do the job, cool man
  • Five-oh HydroFive-oh Hydro Posts: 31Member
    Very cool. Im doing the same things. how big is it. How did you install the heating element. I dont really want to drill a hole into mine.
    I drilled 4 holes. There is an outer shell though and insulation between, so you find where your hole will be and use a cutting wheel to cut a square out of the outer shell.
  • Five-oh HydroFive-oh Hydro Posts: 31Member
    Did you install the heating element on the dip side of your tank or filter side.
  • Five-oh HydroFive-oh Hydro Posts: 31Member
    edited April 2014
    I've got a clean slate with my 6 foot x 22 inch freezer. I'm just buying all my supplies trying to get it ready. I was using a fish tank to dip but I out grew it.

    I don't have much to spend till I start making more money. So I'm working with what I can.
    My heating element is on the dipping side. Having no divider on that tank will make it hard to build a filter side.
  • Five-oh HydroFive-oh Hydro Posts: 31Member
    Yeah I'm making a filter side. Using some a piece of sheet metal with some braces.
  • CoquitlamCoquitlam Posts: 111Member
    I am buiding one as well. I will have a heating element on both dipping side and filter side. The dipping side will be on a switch, so that when at temp I can turn off. What size circulating pump are you using for sprayer
  • The_DonaldThe_Donald Posts: 6Member
    Funny thing, I bought a "non working " chest freezer at the thrift store for 5 bucks with the same idea. Took it home and figured what the #$%@, and plugged it in. Been holding -10 for a month now. Gonna have to keep looking! =)
  • Five-oh HydroFive-oh Hydro Posts: 31Member
    I'm building a control box and was trying to figure out what type of relay switch or contractor you guys have used. The one I wants in china. Don't want to wait.
  • K2ConceptsK2Concepts Posts: 13,340Administrator El Jefe
    That won't stay pretty for long...
  • ThighborgThighborg Posts: 4Member
    Hey so I'm new here but already I've seen a lot of salty bastards on here defending their multi thousand dollar setups against the DIYers defending their 300-400 dollar setups and I just have to say that both groups are right. When starting out, theres no point investing thousands of dollars into something that may or may not pan out for you. Also theres no point investing thousands of dollars if all you are going to do is play around and maybe dip some things for your friends. Now if I were a professional doing this as a living or a second income, i sure as **badword** would drop thousands and get the top of the line stuff. But **badword** that noise if all im doing is sitting at home dipping gun stocks or guitars for friends. Any way that being said, Im a noob. I just bought a cheapo DIY hydrographic kit from Dipwizard or something like that. Got the kit and some extra film for $150. Picked up a chest freezer for $25. Now looking for some tips as to setting up a freezer for a dip tank. Kinda cool that Im not the only one who thought this might be a viable option since i would assume that the insulation will help keep the tank at the right temperature with less work once its heated to the right temp. Also have a lid to keep dust from getting in the water. Its only a 15 cu ft but as of now I dont plan on doing much more than small-medium pieces, some of my guitars, and just practice. Can any of you semi pro/pro's give a noob some tips on what you have found works for you as far as techniques go. Also those who've built their own tanks, maybe drop a few hints about how you set yours up with the heater (what you used), thermostat, pvc, drains, etc. Thanks in advance. Im here to learn.
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    @Thighborg just start reading and searching! You'll find all the answers to those questions in the search bar with the right keywords. Head to the K2 Video section and watch all he vids there. But Nobody said a freezer/DIY tank isn't a great starting point. I've seen some amazing work come out of homemade tanks. Most actually encourage trying a dip kit and a tote to get your hands wet and see if you like it. So have fun and let us know how it goes! Search first, but if you have any trouble finding specific topics just ask away. Someone will point you in the right direction.
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