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Hello Everyone!

LCHPLCHP Posts: 36Member ✭✭

I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself to those of you who do not know me! My name is Brandon Askins and I own LowCountry HydroPaint (LCHP) in Charleston SC. I am a 24 year veteran of the S.C. Air National Guard. I am a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer and I am looking forward to meeting you all!

My Team and I worked together to formulate what we think is the easiest hydro
graphic specific paint you can buy! This paint is not a relabeled paint as is often speculated. This is our own concoction!

LowCountry HydroPaint offers excellent adhesion to any properly prepared surface. Super fast dry times allow you to dip in minutes with an unlimited dip window if you need to wait a while. Just pour what you don't use back in the can!

Our stability with activator is awesome! It is very hard to over activate our paint so don't be afraid to go for it with your double dips!

Your rinse process should be a breeze as long as you don't drop kick your part into the rinse tank! The paint will be very stable at this point so don't worry about handling your parts. Rinse away!

When you finish rinsing dry your part with clean compressed air and clear with a good quality 2K clear coat. We recommend that you clear within 24 hours. If you leave your parts sitting out you run the risk of airborne contaminates causing problems. Now if you are super clean there is no problem with you clearing outside of that window. We have cleared up to 2 weeks later and never had an issue.

Now on to colors!!
We have the an almost unlimited color selection! Our paint features heavy toner loads that ensure great coverage! Check out the metallic flakes and the pearl colors that make our bright and metallic colors so awesome! We have Chameleon paints that are the highest quality you can buy. This is not some powder you get on eBay this is the real deal! We also have neon and other specialty options.

We can match almost any paint code! Have a special project that you need just the right color? No problem! We can help you get just the color you need! If you don't have a paint code we can still help! We just need a reference of some sort. Heck pick up a color swatch at Lowe's send us the info on it! We will grab one and match it!

Your success equals our success! So your success is our goal!

It is time to let painting become the easiest part of your project!

Try us today!

You can find us at
lowcountryhydropaint.com For North America
the United Kingdom at hydroheaven.net

Again we look forward to interacting with you guys and thanks for the welcome!!


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