Low Country Hydro Paint Testimonial

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I have been using PPG line of paints for as long as I can remember and I finally decided to take the plunge into the world of "Hydro Paints". After spending some time discussing the pros and cons with Brandon over at lowcountryhydropaint.com , I decided to go for it and my results have been nothing but OUTSTANDING.

When I first contacted him to talk about his paint I remember him telling me about this "5 minute paint to dip" and "15 minutes you could clear"; I'm sure I rolled my eyes thinking, "he must think I'm some idiot, 5 MINUTES haha." Well, after using them for a few months now and hitting a speed-bump in production yesterday, I actually needed that 5 minute paint to dip time; much to my surprise, IT WORKED PERFECT!

After cussing myself and throwing a few things, I calmed myself down and went to redo the mishaps. Still a little iffy on what he had told me about this paint, I went from finish prep, to etch, paint, dip and rinse all in under 25 minute. Within 45 minutes I had all my clear done (could have been sooner just never rush my clear) and was ready for my evening cocktails.

Now not to sound bias, I have attempted OHW a few times; and feel even for someone like myself, who has almost 15 years in the auto-refinishing industry, there was just to much of a learning curve on their one coat finish, and I am in no means saying they have a bad product. I'm sure the ones who love it, love it for the same reasons I'm hooked on LCHP; and I also understand that everyone has their own favorite "products".

With that said, I didn't write this to talk down, or poorly about, any other "hydro paints" in the industry; and I also understand that not everyone has the same results that I have had with either OHW or LCHP, this is just MY PERSONAL TESTIMONY and I look forward to working with LCHP in the future.

Thanks for all the help and advice Brandon, as well as some amazing paints.

If you haven't tried this stuff yet, you're missing out!


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    @s2koncept I wholeheartedly agree. I have been using it since just after it debuted. I actually have thrown out a lot of other paint because it works so well. Brandon's (the owner) customer is amazing. He is always around to answer questions and help in the few instances I have needed it.
  • s2koncepts2koncept Posts: 159Member, Business Ninja ✭✭✭
    @LiquidDreams Brandon had been on me for awhile to try it, as well as @BigBrainGraphics with there dead flat and soft touch and @pahydrographics for his high gloss clear. I'm a happy to say that all 3 of them steered me in the right direction. Been using LCHP, BB SOFT TOUCH AND PA GLOSS almost exclusively anymore. Going to be hard for me to switch back to anything else. Granted I will never turn my back on PPG they have amazing products as well but the one shot application is a keeper. 
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