The pros and cons of heating your rinse water

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I just made a new rinse tank and I'm debating if i want to heat the water in the stainless tub. I could put heating elements in the tub, or run an instant hot pou unit or traditional hot water heater externally. Before I waste my time what do the veterans think about rinsing, is heat necessary, or does in really not make a difference. I can't really find anything out there or any film manufacturer recommendations. a lot of the chinese rinse units heat the water but not really any of the american made setups I've seen.


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    Just me maybe its wrong but I rinse where its about 40 degrees and the water is probably about 40 to 50 degrees never had an issue
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    thats what I'm saying, I've caught myself using hot water to fill the rinse tank but just to fill it just so I'm not going from 90 tank water to 40 rinse, then its whatever. So I guess its not worth it.
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    It will remove the PVA quicker if it's warmed from what I have noticed.
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    when you say quicker, does it impact the final result? and how much quicker is it really. Just trying to justify spending any more money on a rinse station that I already have 700$ into. who knows maybe ill buy a small electric hot water heater off craigslist
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    I'll try to shoot a video about that was on the list anyways...
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    It definitely rinses faster.. But there is such a thing as too hot also, leaves gray spots from burning I guess..
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    Just ensure the rinse water is not warmer than your tank water.
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    good looks guys and thanks jim
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    You can use water that's a little warmer just don't use hot.. I will fill my rinse station with water that is prolly 96-100 degrees early in the day and change it when it gets dirty or noticeably cold..
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    that sounds like a plan, thats what I've been doing, I hooked a diverter up in the shop for the hose so I can rinse bigger stuff off and fill the tank with warm water too
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    i didn't even half to ask questions here but i did get my answers, lol awesome, ya I've been using a garden hose, with no hot water available yet, good luck guys.
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    Your welcome...
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