Intercoat / Innercoat clears

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intercoat or innercoat clears are not a top/final clear, or at least not intended to be. they were disigned to carry a Candy, pearl to be applied after a base color. then a final coat clear is applied. to help define this, i will go through all the layers of a paint job. 1: substraight/object to be coated 2: E-coat / primer 3: base / color coats 4: mid coat/ intercoat (optional candy/pearl 5: final clear usually a urethane clear with hardener. used in hydrographics, intercoat clears are used as an inbetween coat on OEM finishes to promote adhesion of the inks on the film to the dipped object, now most intercoat clears are made to work with the products that are made by the same company. not that they can't or wont work with them but that is another testing area. ie. OHW has thier own line including an intercoat clear im sure they have tested all thier products so its safe to say if your using OHW use thier intercoat clear. if i have missed anything or my train of thought dont chugg along the tracks. please feel free to add to this post and ask questions.


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    Great info Jim. Just one more thing to add. The inner coat is also used as a save point during the process that stays open for an extended time so you don't have a strict window to get the job finished if needed.
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    I have some panels I have sprayed with Brian dead flat clear six months ago. Now the customer wants me to glossy clear them. Can I stuff it up and spray Omni urethane solid clear over the top?
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    @dipitman Yeah, should be fine. But you are really going to have to scuff it well. 500 grit at least.
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