GPI Activator Gun kit

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Good morning all.
Just a quick one to let you UK and EU guys know that we have a new batch of the awesome DevilBiss GPI activator gun kits in stock. They dont hang around long though as these are the best money can buy. We had DevilBiss themselves over to visit and explained that what we use for activator in Hydrographics isnt paint but a much thinner liquid and we needed a gun that would work well with what we all use. So they went away and came up with this package. Every one we have sold has had the best reviews. Even our trainees with very little gun experience can activate first time with this bit of kit.
@K2Concepts stocks these too for you guys in the states and Canada so get in touch. Jim did a review himself on these guns too and he now stocks them so they must be awesome if Yoda himself thinks so. ;-)
Have a great day dipping guys. x Eve x


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