Newbie needs some insight from the pros!

Dieselrat41Dieselrat41 Posts: 8Member
hey guys new to this hydro dipping. a buddy and I are thinking about getting into it ourselves. were thinking about using a couple of those big water totes for our dip tank and rinse tank. my biggest question is what all exactly does a dip require? I know I will need heaters but set to what temperature? do we need a pump and a filter? how do i go about a scavenge tank? basically a break down of exactly what a dip tank requires would be perfect. sorry as you can tell we are very green at this. any and all information is greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.


  • AlanAlan Posts: 193Member ✭✭✭
    I appreciate you might be new, however, do yourself a favour - spend some time perusing this forum (as we all had to!) and get your answers that way. This is not a "painting-by-numbers" industry, you HAVE to invest time and effort and not get everything delivered to you on a plate.
    I don't want to come across as being harsh, but if you can't spare an hour or so of research on the huge amount of available information from this forum then you're probably unlikely to succeed in this business in any shape or form.
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    I agree w/ Alan.... All the answers to your questions are only clicks away. Start reading the DIY tank build section, and just use the search bar for any keywords you have questions about. If you're building it yourself, you are going to need some pretty good plumbing and electrical skills. If you're not comfortable with safely wiring 220v circuits, or maybe a control box, around a tank of water? You may want to hire it done or look at some professional tanks. Here are a couple good places to start:
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    Don't drain your funds in the first week - it's paint, warm water, activator, film, and clear coat. Get the hang of it first, then decide how much you'd like to invest
  • Dieselrat41Dieselrat41 Posts: 8Member
    all good guys. any info is great info. I do apologize for writing what I did. I feel slightly foolish now haha as I have been cruising the site now and looking at all your tank builds and I am now figuring out what I need and the basic operation of the tank. that was my issue as I didn't spend enough time researching and had 0 idea how the tank was supposed to function. but as I can see now a dam seems to be a great idea and have the main part drain into the scavenge side through a filter then pump it back the other end of the tank and of course all while heating. pretty straight forward after a little research haha my bad!
  • AlanAlan Posts: 193Member ✭✭✭
    @Dieselrat41 - that's the spirit! Good luck with everything.
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