DIY Booth

Road_RageRoad_Rage Posts: 22Member
This is a 14x12 booth I built in one the bays of my shop. I used an old open faced booth that I had from awhile back. Sealed it in with foam insulation strips and attached to front wall. Used AC filters and housings for my intake wall. Booth is lined with FRP that I got at Lowes for around 35 dollars a sheet and all the seams are sealed with strips of thin rubber. The lights are mounted from the outside and sealed off from the inside with plexi-glass. and all electrical is on the outside. and somehow passed code during a surprise inspection from the fire chief. It works ok and has greatly reduced the dust that I was having an issue with. Really really really hate sanding and buffing clear! All in all spent more than I wanted to but still way less than a new booth.


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