new dipping room is finally functional!

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Here's a quick video of the new room we just finished building to house everything for dipping. I put in a film storage closet that is sealed and insulated and has a dehumidifier, cutting table is temporary, still need to build a larger one, same for the rinse tank, it works for now but need a bigger one. It is very nice though still to have everything in one room!


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    Looks nice, like a real shop. Best of luck to you
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    Nice layout. I would like to add a door of some kind on that rinse station. Floor drain would be helpful also. Keep it up young man.
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    good setup!
  • 3rdCoast3rdCoast Posts: 6Member
    Nice set up TopCoats. I'm just getting started and have enjoyed looking at everyone's setups. If possible can you give me some info on the rinse station?  I have a tank like that sitting at my house that I've been trying to figure what to do with. Sure would like to turn it into something like yours. Thanks for any help. -tony
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    @3rdCoast all I did was cut a hole in the front and cut the top off. I made a pvc frame and put some closet shelving pieces on the pvc to set parts on. I run 2 dirty water pumps to feed the 7 shower heads, the pumps are 1/2 hp each. We also built a base to set it on. It's a good starter setup but I'll eventually go to something purpose built
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