Home made spray booth

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Figured id post this,

We have just moved to a 2000 sqft unit from our old 700ft unit that was damp cold and horrible!

We aim to be in this unit for a long time so we are trying to get things tidy as possible and plan to train customers etc.

Started building the spray booth, it's mainly breeze blocks walls on 3 sides, water proof sheeting covering the roof, side walls, back wall and the front entrance will have 2 opening sheets, with a side door for when not pulling in vehicles.

There's a large industrial fan at the back which will have filters in front of it, and above the side door will be a filtered section to bring in clean air to keep it as dust free as possible. The floor will be rubber painted, The idea was to do this on the cheap but to have it as reliable and clean as possible.

Still need another 10 lights and to put up the heat lamps etc, But overall it's cost a lot less than the £7,000 for a spray booth



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    Good work man.
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    Looks good. Make do with what you got. More lights for sure, but you would be amazed how much light the blue tarps absorb. If you can coat them white, do it. Its night and day. @MidOhioHydrographics‌ has an example in an earlier thread here.
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    I will probably put some foil behind the lights when I have a bit more cash spare to reflect the light as you are right they will absorb a lot.
    Main focus was that the walls will be easy to sponge down and clean etc

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    Actually foil is not that great of an idea, its rarely flat, and unless metal is highly polished (like a mirror) it absorbs about 60% of the light that hits it. White reflects much more of the light that hits it and the painted panel behind the bulbs is reflecting it directly back out of the fixture. The booth coating @MidOhioHydrographics‌ is using is a good coating because you don't clean it, you just spray,roll,or brush on another layer and it is bright again. As a matter of fact, the coating is removable once it gets too thick by pealing it off, and it works better the more layers there are. And anybody who has tried to brush overspray off a tarp is going to tell you that it powders, and then static makes it nearly impossible to get off without spraying it with a hose.
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    Ah didn't know that, I saw the post on the booth coating but im in the UK and I can't find it over here :(
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    It really isn't new technology, Prime Coatings is a big outfit, I'm sure they can ship out of country. I am guessing there is a company that makes a latex booth coating over there. If you you can resign yourself to throwing the tarps away when you are done, just use a white latex paint. When it gets dirty spray it white again, use high gloss.
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    I shall have a look, cheers
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