Galvanized Tank! Har Har Har (in use for 1 1/2 years)

The tank the pros don't want you to see....
My dad and I built a tank when we first started because I knew that we could not afford a 10k tank. I looked high and low for the milk containers or some kind of huge SS tank, but to no avail. Dad (my partner) bought a galvanized water trough from Tractor Supply. I fought him ALL the way against it. I said, "all the guys on the forums are saying that a galvanized tank can't be done". (At least that was the word at the time)
Well we broke the code ;)
The key to getting a galvy tank not to rust is in the coating I put on it. At the time I had thought about Cerakoting the whole tank! NAH too much money, and we haven't been doing it long enough to have it all figured out, so we figured the only way to protect something that was going to be under water constantly was to think like a boat! MARINE PAINT.
We went to the local marine shop and asked about the best rust proof, solivant proof paint. We came up with some stuff that blew us away. I will try to get the name of it, but it came in a regular 1 gallon paint container. It is kind of sparkly grey and cost about $100 a gallon.
We put it on thick and several coats with a large paint sprayer. Not the kind we spray activator with. This stuff is thick.
I have never seen a more awesome paint. In almost 2 years I have NO rust on my tank with the exception on one spot way up under that i couldn't hit with the sprayer and must have missed it with my paint brush.
I made the mistake of lining the inside with a swimming pool paint to make it pretty and blue, but that stuff eventually chips. It's no big deal though. I wish I had left it just grey like the outside.
If you have any questions leave them below. i will try to answer.
Oh BTW its about 3 ft. x 5ft. dipping area and i have easily dipped things such as a 4 wheeler. (2 dips with each half)

Over all I'M VERY HAPPY with my tank!

Here are a few pics of my set up if i can get them to upload


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