paint booth build

brendt09brendt09 Posts: 440Member ✭✭✭
Here is my paint booth build out of wood got exhaust fan in just need intake filters and exhaust filters and proper lighting


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    Let us know how it works. I'm thinking that exhaust fan should be closer to the floor.
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    I plan on putting my intake filters at floor level maybe idk I put the fan there cause I had an ac unit right there and the hole was already in the wall
  • 305305 Posts: 6Member
    Sheet rock? How do you plan to wet it down?
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    that floors gona be wasted! lol! as for the fan please get a real exhaust fan!!! now I know I don't have one yet but!! I mean the chances are slim to none that anything will blow up but you never know!!
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    @305‌ what would u suggest over the sheet rock never thought about wetting it down @airtimegrafix‌ is that not a real exhaust fan? The room is an 8' x15'
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    I think @airtimegrafix‌ is referring to an explosion proof fan. All the electrical parts are outside the unit so if there is a spark you wont blow up. I would go down to the box stores and get some FRP sheets and glue them up on the walls. White and glossy for more reflection. If you go with the FRP you wont have to tape the seams and gap around the top. If you need more intake air you can make a door out of filters. And the floor, I used HF interlocking mats and it made a comfortable floor to work in. But if you wet down your booth before spraying that wood floor is toast. Good luck
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    Its vinyl flooring so should be ok just some I had left from the house thanks for advice
  • brendt09brendt09 Posts: 440Member ✭✭✭
    Those frp sheets are freaking high
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    Looks nice man.Please let us know how it works out.I really need to redo my booth but i started spraying my booth down like @305 is talking about with a small pump sprayer and man it made a world of difference when I'm laying clear.Keeps the dust & nibs down.good luck
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    The fan will work better lower to the floor. The problem with those small fans is that they don't have a high static rating so they cannot move the particulates out of the booth and your booth will have more trash as a result.

    Ask me how I know?
  • brendt09brendt09 Posts: 440Member ✭✭✭
    What kind of lighting do you use is regular florescent ok
  • WileECoyoteWileECoyote Posts: 6,400Member, Moderator, Business Ninja El Moderator
    Use at least a "damp location" fixture, sealed fluorescent. T8 fixtures are fine
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