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Pack It In

Whether you're off on a buying spree for your shop or the most important conference of the year, you'll need to pack. But in the event that packing is not your strong suit (bad pun intended), try PackPoint. This free app saves spending too much time evaluating your options, and makes sure you don't throw together a hodgepodge of garments and toiletries that could leave you with questionable fashion choices when it counts.

PackPoint creates lists based on destination, length of stay and possible activities. (It even checks the local weather.) You'll never pack a swimsuit when you'll need a sweater, and that pesky internal dialogue about whether or not you packed a power cord or enough underwear will slowly fade away. So, as you start your checklist for the next big trip, you can rest assured that out of all the things you have to worry about, packing will come easy.

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