What would you like to see us stock

EmeraldcoatingsEmeraldcoatings Posts: 32Member, Business Ninja ✭✭
We are always looking at expanding our product line. let us know if you have any suggestions on products or services you would like to see at Emerald Coatings.


  • VitalSignsOttawaVitalSignsOttawa Posts: 40Member
    Ohw paint would be great. Tanks to since I couldn't find anything decent in canada.
  • EmeraldcoatingsEmeraldcoatings Posts: 32Member, Business Ninja ✭✭
    Thank you for your feedback
    We already have a plan for tanks, I am hoping to have them added to the website soon. We will also be adding a line of paints, this is something else we are working on but it is still in the research stages. We will update everyone here as we add them to the website. Keep the suggestions coming, we will do our best to supply whatever the Canadian market is looking for.
  • DeadSureDeadSure Posts: 61Member ✭✭
    Hey Andrew, congratz again. Maybe spray guns would be a nice addition. OWH paint would be awesome! Oh yeah, this one is just an idea... how about a sticker I could put in my front window of the shop indicating that we use Emerald Coatings products. Not sure if the last one is a good idea, but I would proudly display it.
  • EmeraldcoatingsEmeraldcoatings Posts: 32Member, Business Ninja ✭✭
    edited August 2014
    The sticker sounds like a great idea, we will get working on it. We are also working on something for paints
  • gowrenchgowrench Posts: 198Member ✭✭✭
    Some of dinetta's films big brain like homicide.
  • onehitwonderonehitwonder Posts: 2,740Member, Business Ninja ✭✭✭✭✭
  • MarkMMarkM Posts: 48Member
    More film selection and OHW would be great. Mothwing snow camo would be awesome!
  • EmeraldcoatingsEmeraldcoatings Posts: 32Member, Business Ninja ✭✭
    edited August 2014
    We will be adding a pile of new films over the next few months

    From ShawNaughty Designz we will soon have Steampunk, Desecption, Naughyboy, Graffiti Skull, Black Swirlz, True weave black, Naughty Noggins and a New Reaper film.

    From HydroMonkeys we will soon have Anime Girls, Ammo, Tarantula, X-Ray Guns and Sticker Bomb 2. These should be here any day

    There are also about 12 more generic films we recently received but have not had time to get them on the site yet. In total we should have about 30 new films added to the site very shortly.

    After this we will regroup and start a new list of films to add. I am going to look into the Mothwing snow camo right now

    As for the paints, we are still working on it…
  • MarkMMarkM Posts: 48Member
    Muddy Girl too Andrew if you can!
  • CathieCathie Posts: 15Member
    Definitely OHW, spray guns and perhaps speed shapes :) Received my first ever order of film from you a few weeks back and got good fast service too!! Did not like that purolator rang my door bell and left my two packages on my step outside when it was very hot outside that day, thankful my son was home to grab them or they would have melted, but by no means your fault, will just make sure someone is home next time I expect my order to arrive. Will be placing an order again soon. Thanks Andrew :)
  • gowrenchgowrench Posts: 198Member ✭✭✭
    Speed shapes would be good too.
  • MarkMMarkM Posts: 48Member
    x2 on the spped shapes as well.

    Also I would like it if you can recommend a base colour with the film. I think it would help promote your paint sales at the same time.
  • coderedcodered Posts: 1Member
    Yes paint and speed shapes I was in your shop today Andrew. I will stop by and speak to you this week or next. Just living over in wroxeter
  • CoquitlamCoquitlam Posts: 111Member
    Not sure if possible, but it would be great if you were a TWN film distributor , The UPS fees are crazy usually close to 50%
  • NickelCityHydroNickelCityHydro Posts: 682Member, Business Ninja ✭✭✭

    We are always looking at expanding our product line. let us know if you have any suggestions on products or services you would like to see at Emerald Coatings.

    Hi Andrew, would be nice to have OHW line, more film selection but I know your working on it. I would like to see more in the painting section. like candy additives with no pearl in them. just liquid concentrates, air brush guns and supplies for touch ups. You have one of the best order and shipping turn around times that I've seen in a long time, you and your team are awesome, keep up the good work!
  • sbelangrsbelangr Posts: 48Member
    Great service EC. After a couple orders so far, I am extremely pleased. Wondering if a winter camo may be coming soon with winter approaching?
    Thanks for reply in advance.
  • BadAppleBadApple Posts: 48Member
    We just placed an order with you guys a few months back. Was a good experience product looked great, we properly will be using you guys for most of are day to day stuff, if you could try to get the inferno patterns by ozarks, had a lot of people like it and I'm a fan of it as well. Thanks
  • LiquefiedEffectsLiquefiedEffects Posts: 18Member
    Just got done getting a order in and would like to say 10/10 so far! Love the film, and fast shipping!!
  • tlb71tlb71 Posts: 433Member ✭✭✭
    true timer camo!
  • pokeyh2opokeyh2o Posts: 76Member, Business Ninja
    Will you be adding the K2 super brew to your product line !
  • K2ConceptsK2Concepts Posts: 13,340Administrator El Jefe
    Yes they will...it's already on the way...
  • pokeyh2opokeyh2o Posts: 76Member, Business Ninja
    Perfect Thanks Jim
  • jmzjmz Posts: 17Member
    do you have a number i can reach you at? I'm from Prince George BC and currently seeking a supplier.
  • EmeraldcoatingsEmeraldcoatings Posts: 32Member, Business Ninja ✭✭
    or you can email our main sales person for hydrographics, [email protected]
    or you can call 1.855.317.4867, and ask for Nichole
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