K2 Explains Tank Filters and Pumps

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    Jim I noticed your swamp cooler filter is upside down. Does that work better?
  • blakeramzzblakeramzz Posts: 1Member
    Without any type of filter isn’t the activator just being recirculated each time I kick on my pump and if so wouldn’t that cause overactivation or the back of the film being attacked sorry newby question lol
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    The activator gets diluted by all the water. The filter is to catch the left over film @blakeramzz
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    You’re not filtering any activator out anyway without a carbon filter of some sort. If you just keep the water circulating for a while,  it’ll evaporate out.  
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    @blakeramzz MidOhioHydrographics is absolutely correct. The activator, which is 100% Volatile Organics, will not mix with water.

    Just like vinegar and oil don't mix, the oil (activator in this example) floats to the top where it evaporates directly into the air that you and your children breathe. It does not remain mixed in the water (immiscible solution) any appreciable time.

    Another misconception is that the leftover activator in the water will attack the film too early from the waterside... That can't happen because the PVA film that holds the ink does not react at all with the activator that is only applied to melt the ink back to its liquid form so it will stick to the substrate.
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    All the above...now I HAVE seen the activator attack the film when we did not use the pump to circ the water...but it was just a test so it will never happen in a real production scenario...
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